How to write an amazing icebreaker speech

An icebreaker speech is the first speech that you give and help yourself unfold in front of the other members.

It is nothing but the written form of yourself. It gives us an insight about your life journey so far, your struggles of life and lessons you learned from them. Actually it let us know about your past, present and also about your future. We get to know about your job and your hobbies. You may also talk about your family.

So it’s solely your call which part of your life you want to share with us. You are the person who can decide the content of your speech.

Here are some of the themes that you can incorporate while writing an ice breaker speech.

1) Start in Chronological Order:

This is the one of the easiest way for many first time speakers as it gives them an easy track to continue their speech without any obstacles. Because if someone knows you the best so it is you yourself. And in this order, you speak as you grew up in your life. So it’s like revising yourself verbally in front of others.

For writing, you just have to sit at a place, start recalling your life in a chronological order and mention some of the major incidents happened in your life that has a good impact on your life and you think people would also love to know about them.
2) Go Topic wise and keep explaining each one:
If not all the details in chronological order, one can even choose only a few topics to talk about. Like if you want you can simply talk about an incident of your life and then end with saying your ambition in life. Or you may simply talk about your family and hobbies in a bit detail.


3) Choose a common philosophy or an element that has remained in every walk of your life:

Select a theory or a philosophy that you can consider as a common thread that runs through your life and has remained constant every time along with short stories when that element appears. It may be a phrase that is justified every time, or a conclusion that you get every time.


4) An incident that changed your life or left a real impact on you:

You may have gone through any such incident that gave your life a completely new turn or has a major role in making you what you are today. It may be referred as the turning point of your life. Narrate such a incident because you may easily draw the attention of your audience as we love to listen such wonderful experiences from real life.


Significance of an ice breaker for any speaker: You get to introduce yourself and let others know about you. This is your chance to come out from the crowd and leave an impression on your fellow members. You will be surprised to see how easily you will get some motivating friends after you are done with your ice breaker speech. So this is your chance to earn some companions for your long journey of public speaking.
Your first encounter with your stage fear: Since this is your first encounter with your biggest fear, that is the stage fear, so you don’t need to worry much. Actually this is the phase everybody has gone through and nobody is going to mind if you do some mistakes or forget somewhere or break the flow. Just read your Ice Breaker speech for a few times to get the confidence required. Moreover, if you forget anywhere, remember it is you who have written the speech, so play smart and pick up from the next remembered line.

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