How To Write A Heart Winning Humorous Speech

Wanna give a speech that’ll make people ROFL and give you a standing ovation?


So, here today we’re going to discuss Humorous Speech. We shall discuss How to write one and why you should mostly try adding the humour element to your speech, if the topic is anything, but serious.

Well, for most of us, ‘Writing A Speech’ is a very challenging task and adding humour to it will make the task even more challenging one. So why to bother about it? Well, as it has been already observed that regardless the information you provide in your speech, the audience find themselves relaxed, more engaged and maximum receptive when there is an appropriate share of humour, smartly blended with your speech. It actually breaks the wall of unfamiliarity between you and your audience, and brings them surprising close to you, lending them a sense of strong friendliness with you within minutes of your starting speaking.

· How you’re saying is always much more important than what you’re saying. The same piece of information, if delivered through a speech in two different ways, impacts differently.

· Judging your audience is also very important when thinking of giving a Humorous Speech. Some humour may cause disaster if it is delivered at the audience of different taste.

Judging your audience should be based on these things:-

· The age group of your audience.

· The general background they come from.

· If the content of the humour suits to that crowd or not.

Do you like to pelt only humour throughout your speech or is it going to be a mixture of information and humour?

Writing a speech that aims at entertaining your audience only can be written using the humour right from the start. It may be in the form of a Satire or a Parody or you may want to try your hand in Mocking at someone or some practice. So, once you are settled upon it that if your speech is going to be only humorous or humorously informative, the next step is writing.

While writing a humorous speech, you can concentrate only on exploding humour every second sentence, no matter if it doesn’t have any part of information in it. But a humorously informative speech shall have its prime focus on imparting information to your audience. So, writing this one demands a little more effort. Draft the informative portion first, then smartly, infuse the humour part into it. In this way, the core part of your speech, that is The information part remains intact even when it has ample amount of humour in it.

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