Learn Some World expressions & Become a Good Speaker– PART II

World expressions – PART II

  • Watch the world go by – to do nothing or very little that is of value. Example: You must understand that you can’t watch the world go by in these times of crisis and emergency.
  • Be in a dream world – to have unrealistic expectations/view of the world. Example: If you are expecting your enemies to become your friends, then you are surely living in a dream world.
  • Be lost to the world – to be engrossed in something so as to have no idea of what’s going around. Example: I entered the room and found him to be lost to the world as he was staring at the painting continuously.
  • End of the world – serious problem/unpleasant destiny. Example: You should have made a right choice to avoid the end of your world.
  • It’s a small world – it is used to show surprise when one meets someone one knows at some unexpected place. Example: I never expected that I would meet my school teacher in a wedding function of one of my relatives’. It’s such a small world.
  • Set the world on fire – to do wonderful things that cause a sensation in the world. Example: I wish to write something that sets the world on fire.
  • (All) the world over – everywhere in the world. Example: People all the world over are against rape and child abuse.
  • A world of difference – two different people/things. Example: There’s a world of difference between the way you see the world and I see the world.
  • Cut off from the (outside) world – isolated from outside engagement/interaction. Example: I disagree with your plans as I find them to be completely cut off from the outside world.
  • Detached from the (outside) world – psychologically/physically separated from the world. Example: She has not achieved anything in life as she was completely detached from the outside world.
  • Go down in the world – to lose one’s wealth/status. Example: Arti went down in the world when everyone came to know about her involvement in the murder.
  • In an ideal world – if things happened as per one’s wish/liking. Example: Criminals getting punishment is surely justice in an ideal world, but don’t you think they have already protected themselves by playing mind-games.

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