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Here are some Words related with Various Professions:

Words related with Various Professions


  • Administer – Who is there to administer the reception?
  • Assist – He will assist you in every work.
  • Arrange – Please arrange the chairs in the conference room.
  • Balance – How much balance you have in your account?
  • Catalog – The catalog contains all the information about the product.
  • Categorize – Their attitude is difficult to categorize.
  • Classify – After having severe harassing experience with them I classify them as DEVILS.
  • Coordinate – It’s an important matter so please coordinate with each other and respect each other’s opinions.
  • Distribute – We will distribute blankets and cookies among the staff if we achieve our target.
  • Edit – I have edited the content for the book so now you can send it for publishing.
  • Format – Put all the files in such a format so that anyone can easily get access to anyone.
  • Handle – It’s a sensitive matter, handle it with care.
  • Issue – The HR department is handling a lot of issues right now.
  • Order – Don’t issue orders at this moment as we are already going through a tough situation.
  • Organize – Some people never organize their work and hence suffer a great deal in life.
  • Prepare – Prepare a presentation on “Stress Management” and share it with all the departments.
  • Report – Please prepare a report on “Attrition rate in BPO’s”.
  • Schedule – What’s your schedule for this week?

Customer Service & Hospitality

  • Advertise – We have to advertise our services in various newspapers.
  • Answer – I will answer all your queries. Don’t worry.
  • Assist – She will not assist anyone in this work.
  • Assure – He assures us that we will get an increment of 10%.
  • Communicate – Always communicate your issues to the right person.
  • Clarify – We need to clarify everything in the report so that we win the trust of all the shareholders.
  • Explain – Please explain that why it has happened with me? I am really sad & disappointed.
  • Help – If you want to be an excellent leader then you need to  be a good team-player first and help people to achieve their goals.
  • Interact – We need to interact with each other very often so that we should have clarity and no communication gap.
  • Listen – We should listen to the advice of the veterans if we wish to achieve excellence.
  • Promote – You will be promoted within a year’s time if your team achieves your set targets.
  • Resolve – Sometimes we have to resolve the differences even with those whom we strongly dislike.
  • Support – No organization can grow without the support of it’s employees.
  • Target – What’s your target or this month?
  • Welcome – Please welcome the guests aboard.


Legal Professionals

  • Advocate – He is an advocate for the poor.
  • Amend – Many times I tried to amend the situation by forgiving, but nothing happened.
  • Analyze – Please analyze all the pros and cons of giving divorce. You may not later regret your decision.
  • Extract – The opposite party’s lawyer tried to extract the information from her junior lawyer.
  • Investigate – We need to investigate the
  • Mediate – He was trying to mediate a settlement between me and my husband.
  • Negotiate – I will negotiate if he understands my point of view.
  • Represent – He asked his junior to represent the case in the court.
  • Specify – Please specify the problems so that I tell you the solutions.
  • Lawyer – I wish I had spoken to my lawyer about everything in the beginning.
  • Counsel – In any difficulty, you must take counsel of the right person.
  • Judge – Who is the judge in your court case?

Leadership & Management

  • Approve – I really regret now. I should not have approved him to talk on my behalf.
  • Assess – I will assess your skills and then suggest you a suitable role.
  • Assign – We must assign this job to a sensible and responsible employee.
  • Authorize – He will authorize me to take decisions on his behalf.
  • Convince – He tries to convince me to do as he wants.
  • Coordinate – Good team-players always coordinate with each other.
  • Delegate – He was under immense pressure, but still not ready to delegate his responsibilities.
  • Encourage – Never encourage wrong-doers or anyone who insults your soul.
  • Monitor – We must monitor the progress of the employees.
  • Recommend – I recommend a workshop on “Stress Management” to you.
  • Supervise – He supervises all the tasks of his team.

Teaching & Advising

  • Counseling – She has been undergoing counseling on Life skills.
  • Mentoring – Sometimes I feel I need mentoring on crisis management.
  • Reinforce – To get the results we want, we need to reinforce on required patterns and habits.
  • Coaching – “I can only coach”. You have to take actions that are important as well as urgent.
  • Educate – Educate yourself on the subject to empower yourself.
  • Empower – Understanding and inspiring words empower me.
  • Evaluate – She evaluates people on the basis of their words.
  • Explain – Explain all the pros and cons of the all the choices.
  • Teach – Don’t teach me what to do and what not to do.
  • Guide – My guide may guide me to get rid of my problems.
  • Inform – He will inform you about his future plans and opinions.
  • Instruct – Don’t instruct him to do anything that he doesn’t want to do.

IT & Computers

  • Brainstorm – We must meet every weekend to brainstorm and discuss our business strategies.
  • Compile – Compile a list of things you want to achieve in your life.
  • Consult – It’s a serious matter so please consult a few veterans before taking any step.
  • Detect – It was difficult for me to detect virus in the system.
  • Develop – Please develop a program that contains the databases of all the employees.
  • Fix – We need to fix all the problems as soon as they arise.
  • Identify – Identify the improvement areas and work on them.
  • Format – Please format the CD’s.
  • Launch – We will launch our new software next month.
  • Verify – We must verify everything she was telling us.


  • Care – Take care of the patient in the ICU.
  • Detect – I could not detect the problem so I am suffering now.
  • Diagnose – She has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder so she will go to a psychotherapist.
  • Identify – I have identified a few psychological issues so we must do something in this regard.
  • Rehabilitate – Being a drug addict, he had to undergo rehabilitation.
  • Treatment – We must always give loving and kind treatment to patients suffering from mental illnesses.
  • Specialist – You need to consult a specialist to get the right guidance.
  • Reports – Please show your reports to your doctor.
  • Research – Do some internet research on this and then take any decision.



  • Draft – I have drafted a proposal for the career development of the employees.
  • Draw – Draw a rough sketch of the proposed building.
  • Construct – A team from Japan was hired to construct the bridge.
  • Implement – We need to implement our knowledge into actions.


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