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Time! Time! Time! Word Pairs & Phrases with TIME.

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Word Pairs with TIME
  • Now and then – from time to time. Example: We need to have a good laugh every now and then.


  • From time to time – at intervals. Example: I remind myself from time to time that I don’t have to give up.


  • Sooner or later – you do not know exactly when something will happen, but you are certain that it will happen. Example: Sooner or later everyone has to die.


  • Then and there – immediately. Example: I got the offer letter then and there only.


  • Wait and see – not to worry about what is going to happen in the future. Example: Everything may come out in our favour so let’s wait and see.


  • Slow and steady – consistent, effective efforts. Example: Some people believe that slow and steady wins the race.


  • Little by little – gradually, slowly, step by step. Example: Since she is suffering from a terrible disease, she is dyeing little by little with the passing time.


  • Slowly but surely – happening or doing something in a slow and gradual way, but achieving definite results. Example: If you keep working persistently, you might get the desired result slowly but surely.


  • Step by step – happening or done in a series of steps or stages. Example: You need to have a step by step approach if you have a major problem.


  • Sooner than later – without too much delay. Example: Urgent and important issues are to be taken care of sooner than later.


TIME Phrases
  • At times – at intervals. Example: At times I feel it’s important to have a break in life.
  • At the same time – simultaneously. Example: He was studying and running the business at the same time.
  • For the time being – presently. Example: Sometimes when we are under pressure and our mind is clouded we need to stop thinking for the time being.
  • In no time – very quickly, soon. Example: He will answer all the questions in no time as he is very sharp.
  • In time – Sufficiently early. Example: I left for the office a bit late, but I reached in time.
  • On time – on a schedule. Example: Be on time, if you don’t want to miss the beginning of the movie.
  • Time and again – frequently, repeatedly. Example: I have noticed her harassing him time and again, though he didn’t say anything.
  • Time goes by – with passage of time. Example: We learn to handle failures and misfortunes as time goes by.
  • Time flies – time seems to pass very quickly. Example: I remember the time when I was a student in a college and here I am today teaching college students, time flies.
  • Till the end of time – forever, lastingly. Example: I will love him till the end of time.
  • Prime time – a good time for doing something. Example: Since you have got placed well through campus recruitment, it’s prime time that you go for a vacation.
  • High time – the latest possible time. Example: It’s high time he realized that he is not the most important person in the world.
  • Ahead of time – in advance, well prepared, earlier than expected. Example: It’s good that you are ahead of your times as you can beat your rivals.
  • A stitch in time saves nine – a timely effort will prevent more work later.
  • Once upon a time – at some time in the past. Example: Once upon a time she was healthy and happy.


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