What is Jargon | Some Great Examples of Jargon

What is Jargon?

Jargon is the specialized, often technical, language that is used by people in a particular field, profession, or social group.

Examples of Medical Jargon:

Agonal – Term to signify a major, negative change in a patient’s condition
BP – Medical shorthand for blood pressure
FX – Medical jargon meaning bone fracture
JT – A joint
NPO – A patient should not take anything by mouth
IM – Intramuscular
K – The elemental symbol for potassium

Examples of Business Jargon:

Bang for the buck : A term that means to get the most for your money
Due diligence – Putting effort into research before making a business decision
Sweat equity – Getting a stake in the business instead of pay
The 9-to-5 – Business jargon meaning a standard work day
Chief cook and bottle-washer – A person who holds many responsibilities

Examples of Police Jargon:

Suspect – A person whom the police think may have committed a crime
10-4 – Radio jargon meaning Okay or I understand
Code Eight – Term that means officer needs help immediately
Code Eleven – A code that means the individual is at the scene of the crime
FTP – The failure of an individual to pay a fine Assumed room temperature: An individual has died

Examples of Military Jargon:

TD – Temporary duty
AWOL – Absent without leave
SQDN – A squadron
SAM – Surface-to-Air missile
PCS – A permanent change of station
LES – Leave and earning statement

Examples of Political Jargon:

Left wing – Political jargon for liberal, progressive viewpoint
Right wing – Jargon meaning a conservative viewpoint
Getting on a soapbox – Making a speech in public
POTUS – President of the United States
SCOTUS – Supreme Court of the United States

Examples of Internet Jargon:

BTW – By the way
CYA – See you around
FAQ – Frequently asked questions
HTH – Hope this helps
MOTD – Message of the day
YMMV – Your mileage may vary
IIRC – If I remember correctly
IANAL – I am not a lawyer
LOL – Laugh out loud
BFF – Best friends forever
TTYL – Talk to you later

Each of these different types of jargon is used as a shorthand by people in-the-know to make communicating easier. By learning the jargon for a particular industry, you can develop a deeper understanding of its culture and commonly-used phrases.

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