WALK THE TALK DELHI TOUR held on 22-04-2018

PHEW!!! Tiring but ‘WALK THE TALK DELHI TOUR’ turned out to be a great success. People delivered Public Spontaneous Speeches in public areas like India Gate, Red Fort, Bus and Restaurant while having fun. Members also had Presidential Debates with completely unacquainted members of ‘Wabs Talk’ from different batches. Eventually, everybody enjoyed a lot, felt more confident, more fluent and demanded more such events.

So what are you waiting for?????🤔😲

You can also become a phenomenal speaker with Wabs Talk(Moti Nagar)! Join our ‘English and public speaking course’! Visit the link for details:¬ http://wabstalkinstitute.com¬†or¬ http://wabstalkinstitute.com/


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