Vocabulary Related with Senses : Describing What You Hear, Smell, Taste & Feel.

Vocabulary related with senses: describing what you hear, smell, taste & feel.


  • Sound/Hear –

  • Clash– sharp, loud noise of collision. Example: Clash of cymbals.
  • Crunch – sound of biting food with teeth. Example: I could hear her crunching on chips.
  • Chuckle – to laugh quietly. Example:
  • Howl – sound of cry, bark, yelp. Example: She howled in deep pain.
  • Rumble – a continuous deep, resonant sound. Example: I woke up today with the rumble of thunder.
  • Sizzle – a hissing sound as of food frying or cooking. Example: As soon as the vegetables began to sizzle in the pan I added spices to it.
  • Slurp – drink or eat something with a loud sucking noise. Example: Some elders slurp their tea or coffee.


Smell –

  • Musty – having a stale or damp smell. Example: it’s hard to breathe in a musty room.
  • Fresh – (of food) not frozen or preserved. Example: The fruits were kept fresh in the refrigerator.
  • Fragrant – having a pleasant or sweet smell. Example: The flowers were fragrant & beautiful.
  • Foul – disgusting or dirty smell. Example: We must never keep foul garbage.
  • Acrid – bitter or pungent. Example: The acrid smell of a dead rat in the house made everyone uncomfortable.
  • Pungent – sharp and strong smell. Example: When I was baking a pizza, the pungent smell of melting cheese made everyone hungry.
  • Sweet – pleasant or delightful. Example: I love the sweet smell of fresh roses.
  • Rancid – smelling unpleasant as a result of being old and stale. Example: The oil went rancid as it was not used for five years.
  • Noxious – harmful and unpleasant. Example: The noxious smell of gas in the plant polluted    the environment.


  • Touch/Feel –
  • Smooth – a flat, regular surface free of lumps. Example: There are no smooth highways in their city.
  • Frosty – cold. Example: The glass slipped from his hands in winters as it was very frosty.
  • Feathery – extremely light or soft. Example: Ananya’s hands have a feathery touch.
  • Slimy – covered with a thick wet unpleasant substance. Example:
  • Sticky – designed to stick to things on contact. Example: He threw the sticky pamphlets on the floor.
  • Velvety – having a smooth, soft feel. Example: His velvety hug healed me of my pain and sorrows.
  • Damp – slightly wet. Example: After cleaning her face with a damp towel, she felt refreshed.
  • Rough – having an uneven or irregular surface, rocky, stony. Example: I have cut the rough edges of the paper.


  • Taste –

  • Tangy – having a strong sharp taste. Example: I liked the pasta that was baked in tangy sauce.
  • Succulent – tender, juicy & tasty. Example: I found the dish to be succulent and asked for one more.
  • Acidic – sour or sharp taste. Example: She got saliva in her mouth due to the acidic flavor of the fruit.
  • Bitter – not sweet. Example: Some people drink the juice of bitter gourd though it’s too bitter in taste.
  • Sugary – containing much sugar. Example: Children generally like sugary biscuits.
  • Full-bodied – rich & satisfying in flavor. Example: He had a glass of full-bodied beer.
  • Zesty – highly flavoured or spicy. Example: The chicken dish they had was so zesty as so many herbs were added to it.
  • Zingy – sharply piquant. Example: She says the lemon juice is zingy and fresh.

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