Planning to use Visual Aids in your next presentation? | Keep these tips in mind

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Visual aids help your audience understand and remember your speech more effectively. The most popular visual aids are those that are run with the help of computer and a screen. It has several advantages over other types of speeches. For instance, they increase understanding because information presented visually is received and processed by the brain faster than a verbal message. Also, they enhance retention. People can remember the things what they listen and see at the same time.

Some useful tips :

Prepare slides as a helping hand for you: Remember, the slides are just to support your speaking, but they are not at all for the complete understanding of your audience. The most of the part of the speech is something to be delivered by you only. Only then, it would be a speech for your audience.

Use short phrases for bullet items: The bullets items are to be seen by your audience very quickly. It should never be long, lengthy or clumsy. Shorter the bullet points, more the understanding.

Keep your slides simple: Don’t add too much material on the slides. Each slide should have only the introductory portion. The major portion should be left for verbal explanation.

The conversation should be between you and your audience, not with the Presentation: Talk to your audience, don’t speak too much while looking at the slides.

Give details of each and every slide before going into its detail: Every new slide come as a new chapter to your audience. So, when it appears, before you start explaining each bullet of the slide. The audience must have an ideal what is all in that slide.

Tell the outline of your speech at the very beginning: It is one of the very important things of any talk. Rather than keeping your audience confused and oblivious through your talk, you’d better put them on ease by telling what they are actually going to receive in the entire talk.

More the blank area, more will be the visibility: Yes, make sure your slides do not have even a hint of lengthiness. Leaving a lot of “white space” will actually give your audience a more clear understanding. So always try and put them.

Use the pointer as a pointer only: Remember, your pointer is to be used when you really need to point out something. Your audience really follows your pointer and hence it should never be felt as if a drunk fly is frantically trying to find the way out of your presentation.


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