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GET is a verb which can be used with adjectives, comparatives, past participles, etc. to form meaningful phrases. Let’s have a look at some of the examples ‘use of Get’:

use of get

With Adjectives

  • Get angry – Don’t get angry if someone mistreats you.
  • Get cold – In December, it will get cold.
  • Get dark – It’s too hot outside so don’t play in the park right now, you will get dark.
  • Get dirty – When children play in the mud they get dirty.
  • Get fat – Don’t eat too much of junk food daily or you will get fat.
  • Get hurt – Sensitive people get hurt easily.
  • Get it right/wrong – I was explaining everything still he was not getting it right.
  • Get late – Though I get up early in the morning and get ready still I get late for the office at times.
  • Get sick – We should not eat very oily food otherwise we may get sick.
  • Get ready – Get ready to go for a picnic.

With Comparatives

  • Get better – If you learn ten new words daily, your vocabulary will get better.
  • Get bolder – Get bolder, meek people are dominated & controlled by the powerful.
  • Get happier – Some people don’t need much to get happier.
  • Get louder – I am unable to hear you, please get louder.
  • Get lighter – Bring out some of the things from your bag, it will get lighter.
  • Get more – She is not satisfied with her life, she wants to get more and more.
  • Get quicker – Get quicker or you will miss the flight.
  • Get smarter – If you learn from your mistakes, you will get smarter with the passage of time.
  • Get worse – Though the patient is taking medicine on time still her condition is getting worse. I feel she needs extra dosage of love & care.

With Past Participles

  • Get annoyed (with) – Ananya got annoyed with her manager, after she was given a lot of work.
  • Get bored (of/with) – Some people get bored of living a disciplined lifestyle. They want fun & excitement to break the monotony.
  • Get divorced (from) – Mona got divorced from her husband as he is a hypocrite, cheat and selfish person.
  • Get dressed – Since we are going to meet our spiritual guru, so get dressed accordingly.
  • Get lost – I am in no mood to talk to anyone, just get lost.
  • Get excited – She got excited after receiving the news of her admission in a college abroad.
  • Get engaged (to) – Ambani’s son has got engaged to Mehta’s daughter.
  • Get married (to) – He is getting married to the girl of his dreams.
  • Get interested (in) – If you get interested in some work you tend to learn a lot of new things.
  • Get worried (about) – She often gets worried about her future as she has severe mood-swings and lack of concentration.

With Present Participles

  • Get annoying – Don’t make this noise. It’s getting annoying.
  • Get boring – We need to keep doing something different otherwise life gets boring.
  • Get challenging – It’s getting challenging for her to reduce weight as she is unable to do exercise daily.
  • Get embarrassing – The situation is getting embarrassing for them as they are unable to stop their son from fighting with their neighbours.
  • Get going – Please keep get going despite all obstacles, eventually you will get success & whatever you want.
  • Get interesting – The game is getting interesting, entertaining & engrossing.
  • Get tiring – It’s getting tiring for her to manage home as well as office and higher studies.
  • Get perplexing – The situation is getting perplexing for him as he doesn’t know whom to trust and whom not to.
  • Get disturbing – The news channel was in shock after getting the disturbing pictures of the war site.
  • Get suffocating – I am getting suffocating smell in the room so please open the windows.

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