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We have already discussed what to do to excel in a GD in our earlier post. Today’s discussion is about what not to do in a GD.
These are the things that you should avoid in a GD.

1. Talking without a break:
Of course, Group Discuss is to show your discussion skill, but that doesn’t means speaking endlessly will help you make a good impression. It is a discussion in a group and then reaching a conclusion, it’s not, at all, a monologue speech.

2. Not even starting up:
Judges are waiting to judge your communication skills and you are acting just opposite. Isn’t that really something that will ruin everything? Never let yourself go blank just because of nervousness. Keep yourself calm, composed and share your thoughts.

3. Showing Negative Body Language:
Body language, as always, plays a prominent role in Group Discussion. Showing more aggression, vigorous hand movement, thumping on the table or any such acts will award you negative points.

4. An Emotional Show:
An emotional attachment with any particular topic is a common occurrence. But losing control and getting angry because of it is a negative habit in a GD. Don’t let your emotion overpower you. You’re being awarded marks for your logical answering, not for your emotional outburst.

5. Interrupting impatiently:
It’s very good that you’ve got a good point to share, but interrupting others, who are making their point are totally bad and it will bring you down in marking.
Yeah, it is good to grab the opportunity to speak, but you should wait for it with alertness, shouldn’t snatch it while someone is halfway through his or her statement.

6. Distracting from the subject.
When you are doing GD, you all have a single goal, that’s to arrive at a conclusion. So, always be on or around the topic. Avoid anything that can take the GD away from reaching a conclusion. Taking anything that doesn’t relate to the topic will put you in danger.

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