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Hardwork, diligence, industrious, laborious are commonly used words to express one’s efforts. Usage of these words or expressions repeatedly make the content dull and uninteresting. However, it is essential to have copious words in our word bank.
The following article is about synonyms related to efforts and hardwork required to do a task or an activity.

Meaning: This expressions is used for activities that require mainly physical effort.

Example: A student spends a strenuous day commuting three hours daily to attend Personality development sessions at Wabs Talk at Moti Nagar.

Example: He was advised not to do strenuous exercise for a few days.

Meaning: The adjective arduous usually describes things such as journeys and climbs that are hard and need a lot of effort.

Example: It was an arduous climb to get to the top.

Example: The arduous journey of ten hours led to tiredness.

Meaning: Work that is backbreaking is physically very hard, often causing pain to the back itself.

Example: Digging the vegetable garden was backbreaking work.

Example: Many poor farmers and labourers do backbreaking work to earn their bread and butter.

Meaning: Of course, not all effort is physical. Tasks can require you to work hard in other ways.A job that is painstaking needs a long period of concentration, requiring great care over small details.

Example: It took years of painstaking research to start Public Speaking and Entrepreneurship or business course at Wabs Talk.

Example: The painstaking efforts helped Wabs Talk Trainees become phenomenal speakers.

Meaning: A laborious task needs a lot of work that is boring or repetitive.

Example: Dealing with kids is often laborious and exhausting.

Example: Sometimes the most laborious work is the least rewarding work.

Meaning: An onerous task, meanwhile, involves great effort and responsibility. This is a formal word.

Example: She found her duties onerous.

Example: She found her new job onerous.

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