Some Expressions with “As….As…..” PART-II | Spoken English

Some Expressions with “As….As…..” PART-II

Some Expressions with “As….As…..”

  • as flat as a pancake – completely flat. Example: I love driving in my city as the roads are as flat as a pancake.
  • as fresh as a rose – extremely fresh. Example: Even after a hectic day, you are looking as fresh as a rose.
  • as gentle as a lamb – calm and kind. Example: I am as gentle as a lamb, never mind helping anyone in need.
  • as good as gold – well-mannered & obedient. Example: He has become a different person altogether though as a child he was as good as gold.
  • as good as new – undamaged/intact. Example: I am planning to buy a second-hand car as my friend told me it is as good as new.
  • as green as grass – having little experience or knowledge. Example: We do hire people who are as green as grass and then train them and shape them as per our organization’s requirements.
  • as hard as nail – to be physically or mentally strong. Example: Despite severe issues in her personal and professional life she never gave up. She is as hard as a nail.
  • as high as a kite – extremely happy. Example: After talking to her Coach she is as high as a kite.
  • as hot as fire – very hot. Example: I can’t go anywhere with you right now as it is as hot as fire outside.
  • as hungry as a wolf – very hungry. Example: After keeping the fast for the entire day I felt as hungry as a wolf in the evening that ate the entire pizza.
  • as light as a feather – fluffy/weightless. Example: I love carrying my brother’s pet dog Poco as he is as light as a feather.
  • as mad as a hatter – completely crazy. Example: Whenever my husband doesn’t understand me I get as mad as a hatter.
  • as mean as a snake – someone who is treacherous and harmful, but seems not to be./ one who is dangerous and with hidden motives. Example: I have been trying to keep distance from Yukti as I found her to be as mean as a snake.
  • as old as the hills – old. Example: Though the doctor is as old as the hills, but he checks the patients with devotion and concentration.
  • as poor as a church mouse – extremely poor/needy. Example: Mr. Sharma’s maid is as poor as a church mouse, but he still deducts money from her salary even if she takes a leave in a month.
  • as pretty as a picture – very pretty. Example: She was looking as pretty as a picture in blood-red lehenga.


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