Some Common Collocations for IELTS

Here are Some Common Collocations for IELTS:


Collocations with BREAK:

  1. Break a bone – fracture a bone. Example: Rahul broke a bone while he was jumping from the bed.
  2. Big break – good opportunity. Example: Always make the best of your big break as opportunity never knocks twice.
  3. Break a code – figure out a secret code. Example: You only need to break certain codes to get the vital information.
  4. Break-even – to earn as much as you spent. Example: The first and foremost priority of any entrepreneur is to cross to the break-even point in his business.
  5. Break a habit – stop doing the habit. Example: Nothing great can ever be achieved without breaking a bad habit.
  6. Break the ice – initiate talking/speaking. Example: He is the most confident speaker of my class; he always breaks the ice in group discussions.
  7. Break the law – to do something illegal. Example: In many countries, breaking any law leads to severe punishment
  8. Break loose – to get away from someone or something by using force or effort. Example: She wants to break loose from whatever is coming in the way of her happiness and success.
  9. Break the mold – do something in a different manner after it has been done in a particular manner. Example: Sometimes you have to think out of the box and apply new techniques and break the mold to get the desired result.
  10. Break new ground – make progress into a new area. Example: Though he is a famous actor now he is breaking ground in singing as well.
  11. Break a promise – not keeping one’s promise. Example: Ethics and values of a person can be judged on the basis of how many promises that person breaks.
  12. Break the silence – to talk about someone or something one has not spoken for a long time. Example: After getting tormented for years, she broke her silence against her rivals.
  13. Break someone’s heart – cause emotional pain to someone. Example: It’s malicious to speak hurtful words and remarks and break anyone’s heart as God resides in every heart.
  14. Have a break – have a short rest from study/work. Example: It’s important to have a break in life every now and then.
  15. Break free – escape/get away. Example: I may never have peace of mind until I break free of unwanted habits and people.
  16. Break a record – set a new record. Example: With persistent efforts and improvement you can break records of all veterans of your field.
  17. Break the news – to share new information. Example: After a long silence, he broke the news of his new assignment.
  18. Break the rules – not following rules. Example: You would be punished if you break any rule in this organization.
  19. Break the deadlock – end the inability to proceed with something. Example: Her new looks have broken the deadlock and helping her get new roles in the movies.

Collocations with TAKE:

  1. Take advice – to take opinion/suggestion. Example: You need to take advice of an expert in this matter.
  2. Take a break – have a short rest. Example: If you have been struggling with something for a long time then you must take a break from everything and then you will have a clear perspective.
  3. Take a chance – take a risk. Example: The situation is a bit complex so we need to take a chance as it may result in the outcome that we are seeking.
  4. Take care of – look after someone/something. Example: Please take care of my Dog in my absence.
  5. Take a course/class – to learn something. Example: If you wish to excel in your business then you must take a course in digital marketing as it will enhance your knowledge and broaden your perspective.
  6. Take heart – to become motivated/to get courage or comfort from something. Example: His words took my heart and I am feeling optimistic and happy now.
  7. Take a holiday – have a holiday. Example: It’s always therapeutic to take a holiday once in a year at least.
  8. Take an interest – to show interest in something. Example: I want to be such a glib talker so that when I speak everyone around me takes interest in me.
  9. Take a look – check or examine something. Example: You should have taken a look at the papers you signed.
  10. Take an exam – write exam. Example: When are you planning to take your IELTS?
  11. Take measures – to take actions/do something to accomplish a purpose. Example: She has effective managerial skills; she always takes measures to achieve her monthly goals.
  12. Take place – happen. Example: At what time your exam will take place?
  13. Take notes – record what is heard or understood. Example: Take notes of whatever vital information/knowledge you receive about this subject.
  14. Take rest – have a rest. Example: After working for hours under strenuous conditions, one needs to take rest for some time.
  15. Take someone’s place – substitute. Example: I felt so disheartened when I came to know that someone else has taken my place in his life.
  16. Take a walk – to go for a walk. Example: One must take a walk for 30 minutes every day to have a healthy and happy heart.


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