The 5 major Soft Skills you surely learn at Wabs Talk

You may be a good technician, a computer whiz, a Java Programmer, an amazing animator, a knowledgeable professor, or a scientific genius, or a faculty of any subject, but, to be successful, you need more than just the expertise in your subject.
Every employer, these days, are looking for this miraculous thing that they believe is a sure success fetcher to their organization, and that is named as¬ “Soft Skills”.

Let’s have a look on some of the most demanding Soft Skills that you’ll require to master before you step into the corporate world.
1) Leadership Skill: It is the most sought after skills that any CEO would like its employees to possess. It is as important skill as the employees’ major skills. When the decisive moment comes to choose between two candidates, leadership plays a very important role and always makes its possessor the winner of the two.
Companies always look for the employees who can lead, guide, supervise and direct other employees. They need someone who can motivate or encourage others and can also keep others in discipline and is also capable to resolve conflicts among the staffs.

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2) A Team Player: In the company, more often than not, you will be a part of a team or a department. So you will have to work in a team and have to maintain synchronization with your colleagues and team mates. You may prefer a lone working environment but it’s always good to acknowledge that you understand and appreciate the value of working together to achieve any goal. A joint force always has more potential.

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3) Communication Skills: Often termed as Com Skills in Corporate, it refers to the two skills altogether, Verbal Skill and Non Verbal skill.
Verbal Communication refers to the ability to speak clearly, fluently and concisely. Making no fumbles, using right words and able to connect the words to produce a meaningful conversation.
Non Verbal Communication refers to your ability to convey a positive body language, hand gesture and facial expressions.
Furthermore, there is an¬ Aural Communication. It is the ability to listen to and understand what others are saying.
Written Communication refers to the skill that enables you to write letters, compose text messages, company reports and other writing works.
And then comes, Visual Communication that involves the skillfulness to communicate message and information using pictures, power point presentation and other visual aids.

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4) Problem Solving Skills:¬†It is something that can only be seen when the real time comes. Actually every company wants an employee who doesn’t head to the manager for every problem. Company rather looks for someone who believes in solving most of the problems on their own level. You should know that your company has hired you to solve their problems for them.
Company wants you to rather use your knowledge to find answers to pressing problems that they might have than knocking at your manager’s or CEO’s cabin again and again.

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5) Adaptability:¬ Adaptability is the skill of managing complexity by modifying one’s thinking, stress handling skill, attitude or behavior so that you can better suit to the current situation or the environment.
In order to succeed, you always need to be ready to learn new skills and stretch your capability to cope up with the ever changing technology and demand. So how fast and successfully you adapt yourself to the changing situation is actually your Adaptability.

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And finally the core part, like any hard skill, you can master soft skills too. And it’s not like that you will get to use it only at your work, these skills are equally beneficial in your personal life.

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