A Smile Can Make your ‘Speaking’ Smile!

(Join: 9999947824) Do you know you can have smile in your voice by maintaining a smile on your face? And with your smile, you make your audience smile too? Well, it’s true.

The most important non-verbal behaviour is smiling. It’ll help you make your listeners agree to what you are saying. It is like glue that keeps you audience bound to you. It keeps away all kinds of suspicions and always emits an energy that builds trust between you and your listeners. It helps people reach agreement, and it increases attraction too.

The person who smiles reflects a friendly behaviour and is always perceived to be a very confident person. It is such an attitude that often receives a mirror reflection. People will definitely return you the same.

In a public speaking, a smile allows us to engage our audience even more powerfully. And you yourself can feel the warm-welcoming change throughout the room.

Smile makes you even more attractive. Several studies have confirmed it many times that people wearing a smile attract people more easily. Even at the job places where customer interaction is very much often, it is always advised to wear a smile.

A smile has very special powers. It can calm you, put your fear down, reduce insecurity and anxiety not only in yourself, but also in your audience.

Many a time, you may have a complaint that you find it very hard to smile due to your personal life issues. But as our feelings and mood may influence our behaviour, our mood should always be kept up and happy.

And in such a case, it is recommended that, before going onto the stage, you should close your eyes and recall some of your happy moments. The moments that had made you laugh or smile. This visualisation trick will help you wear a smile and be ready for your presentation.

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