Simple Animal Idioms That Will Make You a Better Communicator

Here are Some Interesting Animal Idioms:


  • A cock and bull story – a false story to be given as an excuse. Example: When she had to take leave for seven days, she told a cock and bull story to her manager.


  • A dark horse – person with hidden qualities. Example: He turned out to be a Dark Horse of our department by not only handling his job well, but also by contributing in the progress of the department as well as organization.


  • Donkey’s years – a very long time. Example: They have been harassing me for Donkey’s years.


  • A dumb bunny – a stupid or silly person. Example: Sometimes she may be a dumb bunny, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t give you good suggestions.


  • Dog eats dog – ruthless competition wherein people do anything to get success. Example: In a world where Dog eats Dog do you expect her not to play mind-games with you?


  • The elephant in the room – a problem or a complicated situation no one wants to talk about. Example: Increasing rape incidents in the country are the politicians’ elephant in the room.


  • A horse of a different colour – completely different, especially in comparison to something else. Example: Sexual harassment at work place is not same as manipulation and exploitation. It’s a horse of a different colour.


  • A little bird told me – when the speaker knows the informant, but doesn’t want to disclose the name. Example: I asked him curiously, ”Who told you about this incident?” And he replied that a little bird had told him.

  • A leopard cannot change its spots – one cannot change one’s basic nature/character. Example: After forgiving them again and again, but finding them to be as cruel and insensitive as they have always been. I came to the conclusion that a leopard cannot change its spots.


  • The lion’s share – major share. Example: Sakshi won the bet so she got the Lion’s share of the entire profit.


  • Let the cat out of the bag – disclose a secret by mistake. Example: Tanu let the cat out of the bag about Goldie’s involvement in the entire controversy.


  • Let sleeping dogs lie – to leave some complicated situation as it is so as to avoid further trouble. Example: You should let the sleeping dogs lie and not react to whatever they say.


  • Like a fish out of water – to be uncomfortable in a new environment/situation. Example: During the early days after my marriage, I felt like a fish out of water.

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