FYIV: Find Your Inner Voice

Grammar Essentials: Basic and Advanced Grammar, Lexical Resource, General and Business Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases

5 W’s & 1 H: Learn Who, What, Where, When, Why & How of every talk or speech.

Personality Development: Gain confidence & learn the art of body language.

Learn to NAIL the Interview: Do’s and Don’ts of Interviews, making and receiving interview calls, resume writing, Mock Sessions

Oratory Skills: Speech Training, Prepared Speeches, Humorous Speeches, Prop Speeches, Visual Aid Speeches,Impromptu Speeches, Special Occasion Speeches, Podium Sessions, Role Plays, Debates, Current Affairs Discussion, Picture Description, Anchoring, Telephonic Communication.

Pronunciation & Voice Modulation: Because it’s NOT just about WHAT you say, it’s about HOW you say too.

Power of Nonverbal Skills: Body language and visual communication

• Critical Analysis & Evaluations on Performances

Weekend Workshops: Various Competitions and exposure to unacquainted audience in large numbers

Fees and Duration:-

(2 hours, 6 days a week, 1 month)