BASS: Become A Superstar Speaker

(Includes The Course FYIV)

Insight of Public Speaking: An in-depth training of delivering speeches at possibly any occasion, thorough discussions on the differences and techniques of speeches in different occasions

Conquer Your Stage Fear: Learn to master your inner self and win your audience

Learn ‘Art’ of Delivering Speeches: Public Speaking is an art. It includes presentation, stage use, story-telling, gestures, pauses, intonation, voice modulation and visual expressions. Learn to master them.

Develop Plausible Presentation Skills: Verbal Communication is one way communication, learn to visually communicate with body language.

Craft Your Communication Intelligence: Learn to emotionally connect with your audience. Develop emotional intelligence.

Learn How to Become a Charismatic Leader: Learn to motivateto articulate your message in the right way by choosing the right tone.

Elocution: Master your voice; understand the importance of word stress & intonation..

Accent Neutralisation: Remove Native language influence(Mother Tongue Influence) in your accent and learn to neutralise your accent with the help of speech correction therapy.


• Video Recording of Speeches and Analysis

• Special Session on Celebrity Speeches

• Case Study on Best Speeches

• Group Discussion

• Debates

• Indoor & Outdoor Competitions

• Podium Sessions

Fees and Duration:-

(2 hours, 6 days a week, 3 months)

(Full)Rs.22,000/- or (EMI)Rs. 13,000/- x 2

(2 hours, Sat & Sunday, 6 months)

(Full)Rs.22,000/- or (EMI)Rs. 13,000/- x 2