Some Public Speaking Mistakes To Avoid | Tips On Giving An Effective Speech

“To err is human”… Yeah.. It’s true that humans are the statues of mistakes. But still there are some areas where mistakes should be avoided in advance. So, today we are dealing with some of the mistakes that are very common for public speakers. So, these tips should be kept in mind.

• Use your stage area sufficiently:
The Stage area that is allotted to you is actually in consideration with your audience size and how far they are sitting from you. Don’t be afraid of using the space for it always appear as an apology to your audience when you keep yourself bound to place. When you utilise the whole area, you sound confident. And a confident speaker awards you maximum credibility from the Audience. Remember, you stage-movement matters a lot.

• Let the people feel the energy you throw while you speak:
Put in the sufficient energy required, blending it with proper voice modulation and intonation. Never let people feel that there could have been more energy used, or your message needed some more enthusiasm to have changed their mind. Your energy is actually the right carrier of your message to your listeners. A speaker with low energy on the stage often comes across as someone who is not interested, not involved much and unenthusiastic. Higher the energy level, better will be the command over your audience.

• Preparation: Never avoid doing it:
Trust me, there is no substitute for preparation. Unless you are a very knowledgeable person on that subject, to maintain a power-packed credibility, you have to be well prepared. Even well experienced speakers do plenty of research so that they may stay confident while they are having interaction with their audience or delivering a speech. They should always be ready to respond to any question that might be thrown at them.

• Nobody is perfect and your audience knows this:
Yeah, it’s true. In case you are talking about yourself or giving your example, you have to be a little extra careful not to sound as if you are trying hard to seem perfect because your audience are smart enough to see through it and is more likely to get even more suspicious. So better be real and better be yourself.

• Rushing as you may have too much of content:
Rushing always spoils your delivery. Your statements and phrases will lose their impact when it is thrown at your audience in a rushed manner. A slow rate of speech can make you seem far more poised and confident and experienced. Using more pauses will also help you formulating your thoughts into more succinct and cogent sentences. Along with that, it gives your audience time to process the information given by you and credit your information a greater impact. Though it’s always better to have more material than you need, you also should know which part to cut when you’re run short of time.

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