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Here are some great examples phrases with the word Moon:-

Ask For The Moon

Meaning: To make requests or demands that are (or are perceived to be) extraordinary or unreasonable.

Example: I just asked them if we could go to lunch a little earlier, and they’re acting like I’m asking for the moon!

Example: I’m not taking out all the green jellybeans for him, he’s asking for the moon!

Bark At The Moon

Meaning: To make appeals in vain.

Example: Good luck talking to the principal, but I think you’ll just be barking at the moon—I doubt you’ll get a better grade.

Be Over The Moon

Meaning: To be extremely happy.

Example: I am over the moon to join Wabs Talk which is the best English Speaking Institute in Delhi.

Example: I’ve been over the moon ever since I got engaged—I just can’t stop looking at my ring!

Blue Moon

Meaning: A long, albeit vague, period of time.

Example: Often used in the phrase “once in a blue moon.”
Example: I haven’t seen you in blue moon, Pete! What are you doing these days?

Cast Beyond The Moon

Meaning: To consider unlikely or fantastical possibilities.

Example: Primarily heard in UK. I want you to cast beyond the moon as you dream about your future! May your wildest dreams come true!

Go Between The Moon And The Milkman

Meaning: To flee overnight, so as to avoid pursuit (often by creditors). The moon represents the night, and the milkman the morning.

Example: Primarily heard in Australia. Looks like Joe went between the moon and the milkman. He was here after dinner but he’s gone this morning.

Many Moons Ago

Meaning: A long time in the past.

Example: I used to be quite the athlete, many moons ago.
Moon About Someone or Something And Moon Over Someone Or Something

Meaning: to pine or grieve about someone or something.

Example: Stop mooning about your cat. Cats always come back eventually.
Example: Jill is still mooning over Robert.

Once In A Blue Moon

Meaning: Very rarely.

Example: Peter only comes out for a drink once in blue moon now that he has kids.
Example: A: “Do you ever eat pork?” B: “Only once in a blue moon. I prefer beef.”

Promise (one) The Moon

Meaning: To promise one something that cannot be done.
Example: Your clients will come to distrust you if you keep promising them the moon.

The Man In The Moon

Meaning: An image on the visible surface of the moon likened to that of a person’s face or body.

Example: My grandfather loved telling tall tales about the man in the moon coming down from the sky and making mischief while everyone is asleep.

The Moon On A Stick

Meaning: Anything and everything that one desires or can imagine wanting (i.e., above and beyond what would be normal or appropriate).

Example: Jim was so smitten with his co-worker that he’d probably try to get her the moon on a stick if she asked for it.

Example: Jonathan always wants the moon on a stick when it comes to relationships.

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