10 Phrases with Food and Eating | A Piece of Cake for you

Some Phrases that are Derived from Food and Eating :

phrases with food and eating

To have a sweet tooth-
to desire sweet foods, especially sweets and chocolates.
Example: Shreya has a sweet tooth, she always wants some sweets after dinner.

A piece of cake-
when something is a piece of cake, it is very easy to do.
Example: I was worried about taking the test but it was a piece of cake.

Bring home the bacon-
to earn money to live.
Example: He is looking for a job so that he can bring home the bacon.

Cheap as chips-
when something is as easy as chips, it is very cheap.
ExampIe: I didn’t pay much for the shirt.It is as cheap as chips.

A bad egg-
A person who is bad, dishonest or unreliable.
Example: I will not share my secrets with him, he is such a bad egg.

A bitter pill (to swallow)-
something that is very unpleasant but must be accepted.
Example: The sudden demise of his father was a bitter pill to swallow.

A finger in every pie-
to be involved in many different activities.
Example: He is a very busy man.He has a finger in every pie.

A good egg-
a person who is good, honest and reliable.
Example: Everybody likes him, he is a good egg.

A hard nut to crack-
a person who is difficult to understand or a problem that is difficult to solve.
Example: Convincing dad to allow us to go is a hard nut to crack.

To eat something up-
to believe something.
Example: He is a dishonest politician but people seem to eat up everything he says.

To have a lot on one’s plate-
to be too busy.
Example: I’m afraid.I can’t help you right now.I have a lot on my plate.

To have a bigger fish to fry-
to have more important or more interesting things to do.
Example: I will not attend the wedding, I have a bigger fish to fry.

To have egg on one’s face-
to be embarrassed or appear stupid because of something you have done.
Example: She had egg on her face when she was told that her parents would be called.

To be hungry for something-
to have a strong desire for something.
Example: He is burning the midnight oil these days.It seems he is hungry for success.

The icing on the cake-
Example: something that makes even a good thing even better.
The meal was scrumptious but the dessert served later was like icing on the cake.

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