Some Phrases To Be Used in Daily Conversations

1. Give Pause – Make serious cause to think carefully, cause to hesitate.
For Example – I was going to ask for help but the look on her face gave me pause.

2. Raise Eyebrows – Show Surprise.
For Example – Students raised eyebrows when they got to know that their principal has been changed.

3. Stab in the back – A disloyal act.
For Example – Refusing to help him at the last moment was really like stabbing in his back.

4. Take into Account – Pay attention to or consider.
For Example – I hope my boss will take into account the fact that I was ill.

5. Clear the Decks – To remove unnecessary things so that you are ready for the action.
For Example – Let’s clear the decks and start the session.

6. Join Hands With – Work Together.
For Example – He was asked to clear the grudges and join hands with the company again.

7. Better Off – In Advantageous Position.
For Example – He is better off working here than in the previous company.

8. Lose Ground – To become less popular or to be given less support.
For Example – Daily soaps are losing groud these days .

9. Behind the Scenes – Secretly or Privately.
For Example – Let’s have a round of applause for all the people who worked behind the scenes to give such a great event.

10. In the Wake of – As a result of or because of.
For Example – An inquiry has been set up in the wake robbery.

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