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Phrases related with Food & Drink

  • Adam’s ale – water. Example: Demons drink human blood as if it’s their Adam’s ale.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away – eating nutritious food can keep you healthier.
  • Apple pie order – perfect order or neatness. Example: Everything was in apple-pie order before the children came for the party.
  • As cool as a cucumber – untroubled by heat or exertion. Example: She was as cool as a cucumber before receiving the insulting remarks made by a colleague.
  • As easy as pie – very easy. Example: To complete any research work is as easy as pie for her.
  • Baker’s dozen – a set of thirteen. Example: On the occasion of his thirteenth birthday, he received a packet having Baker’s dozen.
  • Bean counter – someone who emphasizes on controlling expenditure & budgets. Example: Though Mrs. Narula never spends much money still bean counters of her family keep passing her remarks on her expenses.
  • Below the salt – common or lowly. Example: She doesn’t wear clothes below the salt.
  • Booze cruise – to drink and drive heavily with other people. Example: Beware! It’s a booze cruise. They may harm you.
  • Bun in the oven – pregnant. Example: She was left by her husband when she had a bun in the oven.
  • Curry favour – to attempt to gain favour by courtesy or flattery. Example: She gets increment through curry favour.
  • Drink like a fish – drink excessive amount of alcohol. Example: She drinks like a fish in every office party.
  • Egg on – incite or provoke. Example: It has been a pattern, they harass her and then egg her on to say something against them so as to prove that she is bad.
  • Hard cheese – bad luck or hard luck. Example: Despite continual efforts, sometimes I find myself in hard cheese.
  • In a pickle – to be in a difficult situation or position. Example: He found himself in pickle as his own advocate betrayed him.
  • Jam tomorrow – a good thing which is promised, but rarely materializes. Example: The minister’s plan for electricity supply in villages in nothing but a jam tomorrow.
  • Salad days – when one is young and inexperienced. Example: If you work hard and keep learning during your salad days then life would be wonderful in middle age.
  • Say cheese – when a photographer or someone asks someone to smile. Example: He was looking sad so I picked the camera and shouted at him “Say Cheese”.
  • Spill the beans – reveal secret information unintentionally. Example: Never spill the beans about your office information.
  • Square meal – a satisfying and balanced meal. To be healthy we must take three square meals a day.
  • Take with the pinch of salt – to view something with doubt and not too seriously. Example: Her words and opinions are always taken with a pinch of salt as everyone takes her for granted.
  • Tea leaf – thief. Example: He did not steal anything from his office, but everyone believes that he is a tea leaf.
  • Bread of life – a source of spiritual nourishment. Example: Now-a-days having a spiritual guide means having a bread of life.
  • Worth one’s salt – good or competent at the profession. Example: A teacher worth her salt can make students score well.

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