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Here are Some Phrases about Clothes

Phrases about Clothes


  • Buckle down – to secure something with straps fasten together with buckles. Example: Don’t forget to buckle down his pants. He is too small to wear pants.
  • Button upto fasten/close the buttons. Example: Don’t forget to button your jacket up when you go outside today as it’s really cold outside.
  • Clog up – full of something. Example: Your cupboard is clogged with so many clothes that there is no place to keep anything else.
  • Do upto embellish especially for a particular occasion. Example: My little nephew was all done up for the fancy dress competition in a Spiderman dress.
  • Dress upto dress up more formally/for some particular occasion. Example: You need to dress up for the cocktail party tonight – the dress code is black & white.
  • Gussied-up – to dress in one’s best clothes. Example: Are you gussied-up for the party?
  • Hang uphang from a hook. Example: Your coat is hanging up behind the almirah.
  • Have onwear. Example: Siya had her favourite green gown on.
  • Kick offto remove your shoes by shaking your feet. Example: After the party, most of us kicked off our foot wears.
  • Put onstart wearing something. Example: Some people feel so happy when they put on anything new.
  • Take offremove. Example: Take off your clothes if you want to take a dip in this holy river.
  • Throw onto quickly put clothes on. Example: She threw up her coat and left the room.
  • Try onto put on something. Example: For your gown shopping we can go to this mall, there you can try various gowns on and finally choose the one that you like the most.
  • Wear input on. Example: I really wish to reduce weight so that I start wearing in my old expensive dresses.
  • Zip upto close with a zipper. Example: She generally zips-up her jacket when she goes out.
  • Fashion victimone who thinks that being fashionable is more important that feeling comfortable and looking nice. Example: She is a fashion victim. Plazzos don’t suit her personality, but she still wears them.
  • Men in suitsconventional business people. Example: In our seminar on Business Development, 30 men in suits are expected.
  • Fancy Pantsone who is dressed fancy/pretentious. Example: We need to return what you are wearing Mr. Fancy pants.


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