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Students - jumpingTaking a franchise has become a global trend to run a venture successfully.  An established franchiser develops a business format over the years with a lot of know-how and experience.   That is the only reason that most of the franchisees succeed in developing a profitable business very fast.  Starting a new business venture takes years of dedicated efforts.  Still most of such ventures ultimately fail.

According to research of US Dept. of Commercial Services  95% of all franchisees succeed while only about 30% independent businesses succeed. Moreover you have to spend a lot of money for years to establish an independent business.

To succeed with a franchise is quite easy.  You just have to work hard and follow instructions of the franchiser.  You save a large amount of money on market research, advertising and business model development.  Thus it is converted into your profit.

There is a huge market of learning English and Public Speaking in India.  Almost everybody wants to have good communication skills now.  Millions of young people fail to get good jobs due to poor English and hesitation.  And people want to learn English from professional teachers and from institutions which have international fame like Wabs Talk.

How the Franchise of our coaching centre is commercially beneficial

  • Running a coaching center of English and Public Speaking is a prestigious business.
  • Beginning investment and your monthly expenses are limited and risk-free
  • Great online support from the company (without any obligation)
  • You start making profit within months
  • Our experts may guide you and your staff time to time
  • Tested business model, and potential of high growth in future

Conditions to get a Franchise

  • We charge very reasonable Rs.10  lakh only as Franchise fee.
  • You have to pay only 20%  of your income (total fee collection) every month as a commission on your income (minimum payment amount is Rs.20,000/- only per month in the beginning).  You will also be able to publish reviews of the students of your branch on our website. It will help you get more students.
  • Follow our instructions regarding administration and coaching pattern
  • Minimum 600 square feet area (owned or rented) at a good location. There should be minimum two class rooms. It must be well-furnished. The location should be easily accessible by bus or local train.
  • Dedication towards work and good administrative skills
  • Franchisee must be able to invest adequate money in the Franchise.

Transfer of a Franchise

  • Franchise fee is non-refundable. It is never refunded under any circumstances.
  • A Franchisee is expected to follow policies of Franchise deal.  Violating the policies may cause cancellation of the Franchise.  Even in this case any fee, whatever it may be, is non-refundable.
  • But a Franchise can be transferred.  You can sell it to another buyer at reasonable price.  Main company must be always be taken into confidence and consulted before any third party deal. A commission of Rs.30,000/- has to be made to Wabs Talk by the previous owner when a Franchise is transferred
  • New Franchisee has to follow all the rules and conditions set by Wabs Talk, and give monthly or quarterly commission to the franchiser Wabs Talk (Delhi) only.


Misc Terms

1. Study material of the students must be set after consulting the franchiser. Follow instructions of the franchiser regarding syllabus and study material.

2. Decision of the franchiser will be final regarding terms, training, study material, students fee, publishing of franchisee address or phone numbers on WabsTalkInstitute.com, making of boards, advertising or other related work to the function of your franchise.

3. If any term is broken/violated the franchise can be taken over without any refund of franchisee fee, commissions or any other fee/charges, if any.

4. Franchiser deserves all the rights to change/modify/cancel any existing term or add a new one without informing any franchisee.

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Wabs Talk is a rapidly rising institute of modern world.

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