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Aim of WABS TALK is to introduce practical training in communication skills and personality development while reducing unnecessary theoretical content. The problem with most of the modern institutes is that they emphasize too much on theory and obsolete study material. A large chunk of this training just go waste when a young man or woman comes face to face with practical aspects of career. They teach you today what was actually needed years ago. The training concept of WABS TALK is as clear as crystal now: Keeping the foundation of yesterday we teach what is needed today and tomorrow.

Study at Your Home

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to go outside to pursue a study course that is not only outdated but that your parents can’t even afford. They have to cut expenses and borrow to help you go through a course. WABS brings better and affordable coaching at your door-step.

An Experienced Team

The courses in WABS TALK are imparted by a team of experts who are teaching English and Personality Development to the masses and aspiring young people in a simplified way which anybody can understand. Moreover your guide will always help you in case of any problem. Therefore you are sure to get excellent improvement in your English.

Examination & Certificate

You examination is conducted at your home. Certificate is sent to you by registered post as soon as you pass the examination. Minimum pass marks are 60%.

Most of our Students Get Jobs

Many of our students get better success in business after getting a certificate. Many get jobs in big companies and various government departments.
Not only young persons but many company executives, manager, officers, teachers, doctors, advocates, and housewives also have done our courses.

Money Back Guarantee

You can request a money back within a week after you deposit your fee.  75% of fee will be returned without asking a question. (Only for students living in India).

Coaching for following Courses Available Online

1. Smart English

A very good course for the persons who want to join a multinational or big company, or start a business.

Syllabus: Types of Sentences, Tenses, Imperatives, Modals, Voice, Effective sentence making, Vocabulary, Spoken English, How to Gain Confidence in English Conversation, Personality Plus, Interview Training etc.

Duration: Three Months

2. Interview Training

A wonderful course to enhance your interview skills to get a good job in a big company.

Syllabus:  How to prepare for an interview, Important questions, Skills you need, Interview practice.

Duration: One Month

3. Personality Development

A unique and fantastic course to add wonder dynamism to your personality for health, wealth, and great success in any field. The purpose of this course is to equip you with the knowledge and traits that can push you to the high strata of the society as fast as possible. No other college or university in the world is conducting such a great course. Every ambitious person must do this course.

Syllabus: What is Personality, How to Get a Dynamic Personality, Removing Inferiority Complex, Philosophy of Success, Easy Ways to Gain Confidence, Magic Power of Self-Image, Power of Affirmation, Habits of Billionaires, You Become What You Think Daily, Tips to Improve Brain Power, Art of Leadership, Art of Meditation, Easy Way to Super Health, Job-interview, 7 Steps to Succeed in Business, Success Secrets of Bill Gates etc. etc.

Duration: Two Months

Web Cam Training at Home or Office

You can take admission to get training through Web Cam (you must have an account with Skype).  Fixed monthly fee for web cam training is 180 dollars per month (or Rs.10000/- per month).  One to three students can take training at a time.  Classes: three days a week.
Online coaching

How to Pay Your Fee:

You can choose one of the following payment methods:-

1. Send Money Order/Bank Draft/Cheque to the following postal address: WABS TALK, No. 30/3A, 3nd floor, Ashok Nagar, Opp. Tilak Nagar Metro Station Gate No.3, Above McDonald’s, New Delhi-110018. Send by courier or registered post. Cheque or bank draft should be made in favour of: WABS TALK, New Delhi.

2. Deposit cash or cheque in any HDFC Bank of your area in favour of: WABS TALK, Corporate Account No.50200005693610. In the form you can fill Bali Nagar, New Delhi branch. For direct money transfer from bank the IFSC code is: HDFC0001003.

3. Or people living outiside India can hit the following Paypal (Pay Now) button to pay by credit Card/Debit Card/Paypal.

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