‘Never Give Up’ by School Teacher ‘Jasmine’

(Join Wabs Talk Moti Nagar: 9999947824) ‘Never Give up’! Motivational Speech by Public School Teacher ‘Jasmine’! (Winner of ‘The Oration’ Competition by maximum Votes)

Whenever we feel hungry at night, what you people do? Until you don’t eat , you never get your hunger satisfied. Right? In the same way, you should be hungry for your dreams, for your goals and when you know that you are away from your hunger that nobody will stop you from achieving that goal. So today my topic for the speech is ‘Be hunger for your dreams and never give up.’ Whenever you have an argument between your heart and mind, follow your heart! Can anyone tell me why should we follow our heart not our mind? Because everyone say we should follow our mind first…….

So the conclusion is if you follow your heart we know that it would not give you logical things, practical things, real things but the things you feel that you know from the heart of your heart that some voice come from it that we can do it.Right? When you feel like you can do it, you will definitely achieve it. So that feeling should be come from your heart not from your mind. So, you find the work that is easy, you will achieve it. You get your dreams, you get the opportunities, you get the purpose, you get the support of your parents so why don’t you do this?

We all are here but still we make excuses that we have not prepared our speech. We came here just to learn something that is our hunger to learn something if you do not have that hunger then why are you here? why are you wasting your parent’s money, your time and your everything. Why? Start it from now and start giving the speech whether you are prepared or not. Nobody is going to judge you, you are coming here for yourself not for us , not for me or not for him. He is here to teach you and when you will not be prepared for the things you came here to learn then you will always blame the institute, the teachers and all. And the reason for not becoming successful is you. So start having that hunger from inside, bring that hunger!


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