A list of phrases related to the word ‘Blow’ | Spoken English

Some Interesting Phrasal verbs with ‘blow’ :


Blow away
Meaning: to kill someone.
Example- He blew the man away by slitting his throat.
Example: He grabbed the gun and blew the police officer away.

Blow away
Meaning: to beat rivals or competitors by a large margin.
Example- The launch of i-phone has blown all the android phones away.
Example- Their new product has blown all the others away.

Blow away
Meaning: impress greatly.
Example- Her dance performance has blown the judges away.
Example- Her first novel blew me away.

Blow away
Meaning: when the wind moves something from a place.
Example- The lady blew away the husk from the grains.
Example- He blew away the dust which was collected on the book.

Blow down
Meaning: when the wind forces something to fall.
Example- A tree was blown down in the storm.
Example- A sudden gust of wind blew down the fence.

Blow in
Meaning: arrive suddenly or unexpectedly.
Example- He blew in from London last week.
Example – His parents blew in on his birthday to give him a surprise.

Blow off
Meaning: to ignore a planned event or responsibility.
Example- I blew off my session and went my home.
Example: He blew off when he was told to drop his sister.

Blow out
Meaning: extinguish candles,matchstick etc.
Example- She blew the candles out on her b’day cake.
Example- He blew out the lamp.

Blow out
Meaning: to defeat decisively.
Example- Wow! We really blew out that team.
Example- The Rajasthan Royals blew out Kolkata knight riders.

Blow up
Meaning: to explode.
Example- The bomb blew up and many women and children were killed.
Example- The bomb blew up without any warning.

Blow up
Meaning: to inflate.
Example- Let’s blow up the balloons for the party.
Example- I think tyre is punctured,it needs to be blown up.

Blow up
Meaning: to become popular very quickly.
Example- Kiki challenge has blown up across India.
Example- After playing the negative role, he blew up.

Blow up
Meaning: lose your temper,become angry.
Example- The teacher blew up after knowing the student’s mischief.
Example- My mom blows up at me when I don’t listen to her.

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