A list of phrases with the term ‘Worm’

Like many others around the world, do you also feel a chill running down your spine at the mere sight of a worm, even when they are very far away from you? If yes, then you are suffering from a phobia and it’s called Scoleciphobia.

Tuesday Tip Bookworm

So, the topic of the day is the phrases that has the use of the term “worm” in it.

1). To have a worm in the tongue:- (To have become irate, and always prone to lashing out.)

He used to be a very jolly, composed and had a friendly behaviour, but ever since the boss had cancelled his long awaited promotion stating that his performance was not up to the mark, he has got a worm in his tongue. Now, he gets irate very soon, even at the slightest provocation.

2). Open up a can of worms:- (To create an unnecessary complications by discussing or mentioning a topic that should not have been discussed.)

When his uncle discussed about the property share in his ancestral property, he actually opened a can of worms. Since then, his uncle’s family and his family have been in continuous quarrel.

3). A worm’s eye view:- (To have a worm’s eye view means you only notice the less or non important part of something, leaving the real important part.)

The performance showed all the real situation of girls in the society, that involves that way of living and struggle in almost every section of society. But some people only noticed the bad habits of some girls in some of the upper class families. I think they have a worm’s eye view.

4). The early bird catches the worm:- (It means that those kind of people get success who start or take initiative earlier than the others, like the birds who catch the birds at the dawn before the worms go back to their homes.)

I have seen the car, it’s in a very good condition. If you want to buy his old car, dial him right now. Remember, only the early bird catches the worm.
5). The worm has turned:- (It is used for someone who normally remains calm and passive as some silent worm that even looks dead sometimes, but suddenly does something bold and daring, unexpectedly.)

Today he, who has always been considered as a passive and shy person, suddenly when spoke in the morning meeting in front of everyone, we all were taken aback by it. Really, the worm has turned.

6). Worm your way into something/ or some place:- (When you say this for someone that means that the person has made his place or position in an organisation by using trick and his cleverness, not by following the actual procedure of the organisation.)

Though he could not be eligible for this post due to his little work experience, using his connections and unique ability to butter others, he wormed his way into this company.

7). Worm information out of someone:- (To get something or some information out of a person by using some tricks so that the reveals even what he hadn’t wanted to reveal it earlier.)

My brother was trying hard to keep it a secret that how the team won which he was a part of. Initially he was not ready to reveal, but after giving him some monetary offer, I could worm the information out of him.

8). Worm your way out of something:- (To escape from a responsibility.)

Last Sunday, I had done the cooking last Sunday and this Sunday, he was supposed to do cooking for all of us as pre-decided. But he managed to worm his way out of it. He has become very lazy and irresponsible.
So if the crawling creatures still make your skin crawl, don’t worry, you can still keep the worms in your phrases and speeches, without having goosebumps.

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