Learn the Art of Delivering a Speech | Public Speaking

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Art of speech comes naturally in some, while others have to learn this art. This art makes us comfortable and confident in delivering the speech on stage.

Some people have stage fear and fumble while giving the speech, but who know this art, they just deliver the speech without any fear, fumble or hesitation.

Here are some tips with which you can easily come out of your stage fear and easily connect with the audience.

-Always use the power of three: Just remember your powerful three points which are important from your speech. After giving your speech opening just tell your audience what is the main factor of the speech or what they will learn today from your speech. And give atleast five detailed examples about your three points which you mentioned and after that just give your closing with the recapping of your speech.

-Have a strong opening and closing: Audience always find the speech boring so make sure you start your speech with a confident and wonderful opening.

-Come out of your nervousness: Standing on a stage and delivering a speech in front of 200 or 500 people is not an easy task, you may not find yourself confident while doing it. So, the best thing to come out of your nervousness is just see and observe people, what they are wearing and who all are wearing the glasses. It will definitely work for you to come out of your nervousness.

-Practice, Practice & Practice: Make sure before going on stage to deliver a speech, you practice for atleast till the time you are not sure about it.

-Don’t apologize for any fear or nervousness because audience may not like it.

-Speak clearly: There is no point writing a wonderful speech, if your words are not clear or you are not confident.

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