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This topic is based on interview do’s and don’ts.

Interview Cracking Tips

Getting a job in your dream company or in a brand can be your dream but by practicing and learning about the do’s and don’ts in the interview you can nail your interview calls or interview sessions.

Cracking a interview is not a difficult task it just a way how you take it and how much you prepare yourself for an interview.

So few tips about do’s and don’ts in the interview.


You should always be punctual for an interview.

You should always be in formals.

You should always be positive while giving the answer to an interviewer.

Always talk about your strengths and goals.

Your confidence and body languages speaks more than your words may define your sentences.

Always choose the words which are easy to pronounce.

The topic or conversation you do with an interviewer should be sensible.

As mentioned your tone and way of speaking plays a major role, so always try to give the answers which are connected to each other.

Always take a pause before jumping on the another topic or sentences.



Do not sit in an inappropriate way.

Do not use any negative word.

Do not say anything negative about the previous experience.

Do not use the words which are difficult to pronounce.

Do not use lengthy sentences.

Do not talk about the weaknesses.

Do not speak irrelevant.

Do not start the topic which you do not know.

Do not jump on any topic with your wish, let interviewer ask the questions and let him/her speak.

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