Some Interesting Phrases with term ‘STEP’

Many times in life, you may have to step in to save a worsening situation, or may have to step up for a post as you are best man available there, or under pressure, you have to step down from your position.

So, let’s discuss some phrases on STEP which will be a stepping stone towards your goal of “English Speaking”.

1(a). Step up:-
To make something go faster to make a quick progress.
Example: You should step up your speed of the making the project if you want to complete it before the deadline.
1(b). Step up:-
To increase the speed of any machine like fan or motor etc to make it run faster.
Example: I stepped the fan when more guests arrived as they were sitting in a scattered manner.

2 (a). Step on someone’s toes:-
To hurt or offend someone by saying something which shouldn’t have been said.
Example: I think you should know how to speak to a girl. By saying that she looks fat, you actually stepped on her toes.
2 (b). Step on someone’s toes:-
It also has the literal meaning of putting your foot on someone else’s foot, that may hurt the person.
Example: Please be careful while you pass by her. She is lying there, don’t step on her toes.

3(a). Step out (of something):-
To go out of a place or a room.
Example: Don’t dare to step out of this house unless I say so. Our enemies are everywhere and they may find you.
3(b). Step out (on someone):-
To be unfaithful to your partner or lover.
Example: I think you should now step out of this relationship. He is no more the person he used to be.

4). Step out of line:-
To misbehave or to deviate from the expected behavior.
Example: Don’t step out of line if you want to survive in this company, especially when the boss is angry. Here stepping out of line means being out of job .

5). Step back from a place:-
To move away from someone or something in order to avoid any problem, or to give space to someone.
Example: Step back, there is bomb in the bike.

6). Step over someone or something:-
To walk carefully to avoid stepping on someone or something by mistake.
Example: Yesterday I stepped over a dog who was lying just at my door.

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