Interesting Idioms & Phrases related to WEATHER

Here are some Interesting Idioms & Phrases related to WEATHER:

  • Beat the heat – to make oneself cooler. Example: These days I am having at least three glasses of lime water in a day to beat the heat.
  • Brainstorm – to generate many ideas. Example: Let’s have a brainstorming session on “How to increase profitability in the business?”
  • Break the ice – to break the silence. Example: People avoid breaking the ice when it comes to speak on something controversial.
  • Catch some rays – to sunbathe. Example: We went to Goa last week and caught some rays on the beach.
  • Dog days of summer – the hottest time of summer. Example: Let’s go to some hill station as I can’t bear these dog days of summer.
  • Rain on someone’s parade – to spoil someone’s happy feelings. Example: Hardik was happy about his success, but his friend rained on his parade by passing a cheap remark.
  • Soak up the sun – to enjoy the sun. Example: I love soaking up some sun in sunny winter afternoons.
  • Take something by storm – to overwhelm someone or something/to become famous quickly. Example: Her first book took the country by storm as it was based on a true incident.
  • Tip of the iceberg – a small part of something much bigger/larger. Example: You have no idea about the entire situation. What you know is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • To be skating on thin ice – to do something risky. Example: I feel that he is skating on thin ice by not listening to his subordinates and blindly following his whims and fancies.
  • To give someone the cold shoulder – to avoid someone. Example: When I wanted their love they gave me a cold shoulder.
  • To have cold feet – when you feel nervous or not courageous enough to do something. Example: After getting rejected by various employers, she started to have cold feet before giving presentations.
  • To shoot the breeze – to talk about unimportant things. Example: He was highly disappointed with his lawyer as he felt that he had wasted time shooting the breeze.
  • Over the hill – to be old. Example: Even after crossing forty, I don’t think I am over the hill as I still have the same energy I used to have.

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