Interesting Collocations with IN – IELTS Part (I)

Here are Some Interesting Collocations with IN:

In action – working/performing. Example: I saw him in action last week when he defeated his opponents in the competition.

In addition to – extra. Example: You will get a 10 % discount in addition to the existing 50% discount if you pay with your IBIBI credit card.

In agreement with – having the same opinion. Example: She is not in agreement with the terms & conditions of the contract.

In any case – in all possibilities. Example: In any case, you have got all the answers so you know what to do and what not to do.

In a hurry – to rush. Example: Don’t be in a hurry to disclose everything to him. He is still a stranger.

In all likelihood – probably. Example: In all likelihood they will stop talking to you if you don’t change.

In brief – In short. Example: In brief, changing them is a hard nut to crack.

In collaboration with – work together. Example: The project was finalised in collaboration with some Japanese Interior Designers.

In the comfort of – ease. Example: She quickly finished all the assignments in the comfort of AC.

In conclusion – to summarize. Example: In conclusion, we can say that “Ups and Downs are part of life, smiling in all situations is an art of life”.

In control of – having the power of someone/something. Example: They are not in control of anyone, it’s their choice to do right or not.

In difficulty – having problem. Example: Don’t react so much. It may put you in some difficulty.

In disguise- wearing a disguise. Example: Ravi turned out to be an enemy in disguise.

In dispute – disagreeing over something. Example: The matter is in dispute and it will take time to get some solution.

In doubt – uncertain. Example: I am still in doubt so as to talk to him about my feelings or not.

In exchange for – in return for. Example: I gave him a gift in exchange for what he did for me at the time of need.

In fashion – in style. Example: Torn jeans is in fashion now-a-days.

In fact – in reality. Example: In fact you can meet him anytime next week as he is also on leave.

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