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In India, almost everyone is in the race of becoming an Engineer or a Doctor. Means, India is growing technically. So, let’s have our today’s discussion be on Idioms based on technical word.

Pull the plug: Pull the plug means to put an end to an activity that had been continuing till then.
1. Kapil Sharma is planning to pull the plug on his long-running show, The Kapil Sharma Show, as the TRP is going continuously down since he had a fight with Sunil Grover.
2. The government pulled the plug on the construction of The Tower of Pisa when the tower began to sink after construction had progressed to the second floor in 1178.


It’s not rocket science: Rocket Science is one of the most difficult engineering and if something is not rocket science, it is not very difficult to understand.
1. Why can’t you understand this simple logic? It’s not a rocket science.
2. Understanding women sometimes becomes tougher than the rocket science. (This is a little funny).
Well-oiled machine:  You oil or grease a machine, and it works smoothly. So this idiom means that something or some work is running as smoothly as a well-oiled machine does.
1. The new project is going on like a well-oiled machine.
2. Initially I was quite panicked about the successful completion of the program, but with you support, everything worked like a well-oiled machine.


To reinvent the wheel: This one is a little sarcastic. It is said when you waste your time doing something that has already been done well and is in practice.
1. It is like you just reinvented the wheel. You could have simply searched its process on Google. These are some other well proven ways to do this.
2. While there are already many ways to do this, why did you reinvent the wheel?


Acid test: Ever undergone to an acid test? When used metaphorically, you may guess that it refers to
a decisive test whose findings show the worthiness of something.
1. Next Sunday, the final panel of judges is coming. Now that will an acid test for all of us.
2. The mock contest was just for warm up, the acid test is on Sunday with some more contestants from different states.


Button up your lip: When you button up your lip, you don’t tell what you know. You stop talking about that or else people would know about that.
1. Will you please button up your lip? I hate this news to be revealed right now.
2. Until I say, all of you will keep you lip buttoned up.

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