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If a person uses idiomatic expressions when he speaks, this indicates clearly that he knows the language very well. It’s not enough to know idioms and their meanings; one must be able to use them correctly. In this article, we’ll look at some IDIOMS & SAYINGS About Food & Eating…

IDIOMS & SAYINGS About Food & Eating


Let’s have a lOOk :

To bite of more than you can chewto try to do which is too difficult to do, to take something that one is not capable of handling.

Example: When I took two projects at the same time I felt as if I was biting more than I could chew.


To bite your tonguestop yourself from saying something as it may offend or hurt someone.

Example: Mona said she bit her tongue many times when she was angry on her neighbours.


Chew the fatchat in a leisurely way.

Example: I like meeting people with whom I can chew the fat.


Cup of teasomething you like or good at.

Example: Training and Coaching people is my cup of tea.


Dish the dirtspread scandal or gossip.

 Example: Many people dish the dirt about her, but she doesn’t care about them.


Go Dutchshare the cost of something.

Example: Let’s go Dutch and have a pizza party in the office.


Eat dirtsuffer insults or humiliations.

Example: She had to eat dirt despite fighting for the right cause.


Eat humble pieto admit one’s errors and apologise.

Example: He had to eat a humble pie as she proved him wrong.


Eat like a horseto have a good appetite.

Example: Though she eats like a horse, yet she is so slim.


Eat like a pig eat in a greedy or unpleasant manner.

Example: Some people eat like a pig when they go to parties.


Eat one’s wordsto take back something one has said.

Example: He had to eat his words about the policies of the organization.


Out to lunch temporarily not in control of one’s mental faculties, to behave crazily.

Example: At times, I feel out to lunch when I don’t get what I want.


To have a full plateto have a lot of work to do.

Example: Currently my plate is full as am working on two books and handling a job as well.


To be spoon-fedto give informant in the most simplified manner.

Example: Some employees need to be spoon-fed as they are not very intelligent.


(It is) easy as pievery easy to do.

Example: To clear IAS prelims is as easy as pie for the sharp students.


(To) go bananas to become hyper or crazy.

Example: I went bananas after hearing nasty and sharp remarks.


Apple of the eyefavourite, dear.

Example: My niece is the apple of my eye.


(To be) full of beans hyper or full of energy.

Example: She was full of beans when she scored 98% in her board exams.


To spill the beans to do or say something that you should not have.

Example: She regretted on her decision as she felt she herself spilled the beans.


To be the cream of the cropto be the best of the best.

Example: Arts students of 2004 batch were the cream of the crop.



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