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Everything is fair in love and war.
A very old and equally common idiom that has also been used in many Bollywood movies. This idiom means that when there is conflict, one can act in a very horrifying or dangerous way. Ethics can be left aside.

Battle of nerves:
This idiom means that the situation of war is so furious that neither side is willing to go. They are continuously using different fear and threatening tactics. Their battle is now a battle of nerves.

Bite the bullet:
When you decide to bite the bullet, as this idiom means, you have to accept something unpleasant or difficult as others are not ready to take it up.

Off like a shot:
Shot signifies fastness. So, if somebody is off like a shot, the person left as if he or she just disappeared from there.

Bring a knife to a gunfight:
Knife is a hand-weapon and with gun, you can shoot bullets. So, if you bring a knife to a gunfight, you are prepared to die, not to win. It simply means you are inadequately prepared.

Long shot:
More the distance, less the chance of getting the aim. So, somebody says about any work that it is a long shot, the chances of achieving it is rare.

At gunpoint:
When you are at gunpoint, you say ‘yes’ to every demand. Who, on the earth, is not scared of a gun. So, when you do something at gunpoint, you are forced to do something against your wish.

Knives are out:
Now this one is like a warrant. If the knives are out for somebody, his career, life or reputation, or may be, all three of the above, are on stake. So, beware!

Quick on the trigger:
If somebody is quick on the trigger, it’s not a good idea to mess up with that person. Because a person who is quick on trigger, acts or responds very promptly.

Dodge the bullet:
Dodging is an ability not everyone possess, and too dodging a bullet! If somebody is said to have dodged a bullet, he has successfully avoided a very serious problem.

Off your guard:
When somebody is without guard, and you catch the person, the person is certainly not prepared to defend or attack. So, if you catch someone off their guard, the person is not ready to face it.

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