Idioms & Phrases with COME – IELTS Part (I)

Here are some Idioms & Phrases with COME:

  • A dream come true – a wish/desire that has become a reality. Example: It was a dream come true for me to have a job in an MNC.
  • Come across with – find by chance. Example: While surfing internet, she came across with a lot of information related to her projects.
  • Come again – to repeat. Example: It’s too noisy here. Could you come again?
  • Come between – interrupt or disturb the relationship between two people. Example: Now it’s difficult for me to forgive them as they came between me and my husband and ruined our lives.
  • Come full circle – to return to original position where one started. Example: He started his career as a Marketing consultant and after reaching the position of VP he has come full circle as he is setting Marketing Strategies and Consulting employees of his own firms.
  • Come into effect – to become valid/official. Example: Though the proposal was passed six months ago, the policy will come into effect from 28th August 2018.
  • Come of age – to develop fully. Example: Despite all the ups and downs, struggles, setbacks and disappointments she never lost her faith in God and her abilities, so look at her career now, it has come of age.
  • Come out in the wash – to work out all right. Example: Never worry about petty things in life, everything comes out in the wash if efforts are put in the right direction.
  • Come out of the closet – to reveal a secret publicly. Example: His clandestine love affair came out of the closet when he shared something in his drunk state.
  • Come to an end – finish/reach an end. Example: Tough times may come to an end some day, but tough people never.
  • Come to think of it – when one has a sudden realization. Example: Yesterday I came to think of it. I could go for vacation before too.
  • Come to light – to become widely known. Example: Rajni’s reality came to light when Ananya filed a case against her.
  • Come to mind – a thought/idea materializes in one’s mind. Example: The idea of starting my business came to my mind when I was working on a project.

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