How to Overcome your Stage Fear?

(Join: 9999947824) Stage fright or fear is something that every public speaker must have been once dreaded of. But, one thing to keep in your mind before starting on your endeavour of becoming a Public speaker is that stage fear which is also called Performance anxiety is a very natural phenomena that everyone has to face one day to achieve the target of becoming a stage-roaring speaker. It can always be successfully overcome.

The first reason of nervousness: No or insufficient preparation.

Are you fully sure that you are well stuffed with the stuff you are going to deliver on the stage? If your answer is yes, then there is no need to be nervous. And if your answer is No, then, sadly, there is no use of holding the mike. You always have the chance to fumble on the stage. For any topic, collect a good amount of data. And always keep in mind to keep your speech a bit unique.

Rehearsal: Yes, it does help. To give it your best shot on the stage, there is a lot more to do at the back stage. Only having the material ready at your end is not going to help if you have not practised it until it becomes your own voice. Nothing can substitute a good practice.

Instead of thinking What if I do wrong while speaking?” think “What if I do a wonderful job today?” Remember it is all in the mind. Maintain a positive attitude towards yourself. It goes a long way in helping you overcoming the stage fear.
Sometimes speakers think that the audience is going to remember them forever for the mistakes they might do on the stage. Remember they are not going to hang on for your mistakes even for a single day, let alone a life time, as you might think.

Rushing towards the end of presentation is the biggest mistake a speaker does on the stage. Remember your listeners need time to get used to you. They want you to start slowly and maintain an average pace to absorb your every word.

So guys, these are the few tips that will help you overcome your stage fear.

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