Reuben Singh

Head Trainer

If the thought of speaking in front of an audience terrifies you, there is one name, that can help you to deal with this most nerve-wrecking experience. REUBEN SINGH is one of the most inspiring public speakers and corporate trainers in India. He is constantly engaged by corporate and educational sectors to train, inspire and empower people. Energy just flows when he is amongst the people. He is a learned man and a life coach who let’s you marry with confidence to beat any predicament that comes your way.

Reuben comes from a very humble beginnings.He is an MBA and worked with a British firm for about four years and has a total experience of about 8 years. Overcoming challenges are the pillars of success and Mr. Reuben Singh clearly proved it. Being a shy child and deprived of interactions, one fine day, he decided to break his silence. He found himself jubilant and growing in the arena of Public Speaking, eventually overcoming ‘glossophobia’. His endurance became his inspiration to lend a helping hand to people who struggle with their individuality. Hence, with an idea of motivation, he co-founded WABS TALK, a leading provider of effective Public Speaking and English learning courses, wherein he has been diligently sharing his knowledge and training people at his best. His technique and training sessions bring in confidence and strength to surmount what others might call difficult or impossible.

He is challenging , honest, entertaining, persevering, works 7 days of the week and knows what works. If you are ready to learn, you will definitely connect with him. Presenting his ideas clearly and convincingly , he has skill-set to keep his audience gripped, which actually makes all the difference. At Wabs Talk, he has designed his courses to make public speaking a positive and memorable experience.

So, whether speaking at a conference, lecturing for the first time, presenting at a company meeting or appearing for crucial interview, you will build your confidence to deliver impactful message to your audience under a sound guidance of Mr. Reuben Singh who ardently believes, “ If you fall ten times, stand up the eleventh!”

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