Give your speaking a better flair by using some unique phrases

Many times you use a group of words to give away the same meaning that you wanted to use using another set of simple words. Using some unique and different group of words gives your speaking a better flair. Here are some of them.

Spoken words with “Just”

1) Just Imagine: It is used to tell someone to imagine the things just as you imagine.

Example: Just imagine, in next 6 months, you will be going to office in your own car. Just take this job seriously.

2) Just to be on the safe side: To take extra precaution to avoid something unpleasant to happen.

Example: I know that they know you very well and you won’t have to give deposit money to take that item. Still, you should keep some cash with you just to be on the safe side.

3) Just the man for the job: It means that someone is completely perfect for a particular job and has all the essential requirements.

Example: The job responsibility is not something that can be handled by any less experienced or average talented person. So the boss has chosen him for it because he is the man for the job.

4) Just as well: It is good that.
Example: The examiner may ask for our admit card to let us in. It is just as well that we have brought our admit card with us.

Spoken words with “Get”

5) Get nowhere with something: To make no progress.

Example: The company has been getting nowhere with our latest project since the team leader, Mr. Rajat Sharma left us in the mid of that project.

6) Get off it: It is used to warn somebody to stop doing when he or she is behaving arrogantly.

Example: That’s enough. Get off it now!

7) Get off my back: To tell someone to stop criticizing you.

Example: Just get off my back and mind your business. I know what I am doing.

8) Get a life: To say someone to stop doing boring things and do something entertaining and interesting.

Example: Why do you always avoid going out with us even on Sunday? You can’t always have some work. Get a life!

Spoken words with “Hang”

9) Hang in there: To tell someone not to give up and keep putting efforts.

Example: Even though you are not getting anywhere in this project, you must not quit. Hang in there. Effort never goes in vain.

10) Hang loose: To be relaxed and calm even in the adverse situation.

Example: People like him because he is a very calm person. Even in the worst situation, he never let the problems take the better of him. He hangs loose.

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