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Have a look on some interesting Expressions with TO :

Access to – permission. Example: Some employees in our organization have access to the IT room.

Addition to – with. Example: Use your XXX Bank Debit Card and get 10% discount in addition to ongoing 50% discount.

Allusion to – an indirect or passing reference. Example: Though her book is a fiction, some incidents in it contain allusion to her personal life.

An attitude to – settled way of thinking/feeling. Example: Priya has an attitude to misbehave with others as she thinks to highly of herself.

Approach to – method. Example: What’s your approach to learning new vocabulary?

Change to – convert to something. Example: After realizing his mistakes, Parth has changed to become a decent human being.

Committed to – dedicated to someone/something. Example: Her life is committed to help all the poor souls she comes across.

Contribution to – role played in bringing about a result. Example: They made a dangerous contribution to the overall strategy to harm their neighbours.

Damage to – harm to. Example: All that has happened in the past few years has caused damage to my heart.

Dedication to – committed to some task/purpose. Example: Please show some dedication to learn from your master as he knows everything.

Desire to – wish/want for something. Example: He is ambitious and a perfectionist. He desires to excel in every task he undertakes.

Devotion to – love/loyalty for someone/something. Example: Never give up in your life. Your devotion to God can always bring you out of troubles and miseries.

Encourage to – motivate. Example: Evil exists as wrong doers are encouraged to keep doing wrong.

Invitation to – to invite. Example: Have you given your wedding invitation to all the relatives and friends?

Newcomer to – one who has recently arrived/involved in some activity. Example: Who are the newcomers in this match?

Reaction to – something felt/done in response to. Example: What was your reaction to the nasty remarks of your opponents?

Reason to – cause. Example: The only reason to fight with the wrong is to stand in favour of and support of justice.

Reference to – in connection with someone/something. Example: In reference to the bad karmas they have done, they will surely be punished by God.

Relevant to – significant. Example: Whatever I achieve in my life is relevant to me.

Reply to – answer to. Example: What was your reply to his marriage proposal?

Resistance to – unwillingness to accept. Example: He showed a lot of resistance to the business proposal made by one of his friends.

Response to – reaction to. Example: What is the adequate response to someone’s cruelty and selfishness?

Solution to – Example: The solution to all your problems lies in your heart.

Visit to – go to see (someone/something) for some specific purpose. Example: My visit to an astrologer was highly disappointing.

Want to – desire of. Example: I always wanted to be nice even with those who disliked me and hated me, but……..


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