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‘Make’ is used for creating and producing things and refers to the result. Below are some of the examples for expressions with make:

expressions with make

Meal, Food & Drinks

  • Make breakfast/lunch/dinner. Example: She is making lunch – she will talk to you later.
  • Make a cup of tea/coffee. Example: I can make a cup of coffee for you, if you need.
  • Make a reservation. Example: I am making a reservation for 9:00pm at your favourite restaurant.

Plans & Decisions

  • Make a choice. Example: You have to make a choice to get the outcome you want.
  • Make an arrangement. Example: I have made an arrangement for the party.
  • Make a plan. Example: They made plans to ruin her life.

Produce a reaction

  • Make someone happy. Example: Right words at the right time by the right person can make anyone feel happy & comfortable.
  • Make someone sad. Example: His behavior was very disappointing and thus it made me so sad.
  • Make someone angry. Example: The attitude of her lawyer made her angry.
  • Make someone mad. Example: Hypocrisy of the world has made her mad.


Money & Efforts

  • Make a contribution. Example: He has made a contribution of 2 lakhs to an orphanage.
  • Make an investment. Example: After making an investment of 5 lakhs he is realizing that it was not worth it.
  • Make an attempt. Example: Many students make a lot of attempts to clear SSC/Bank PO Exam.
  • Make progress/improvement. Example: With continuous efforts, anyone can make progress.
  • Make a decision. Example: Make a decision quickly as it is an important matter.
  • Make a fortune. Example: He made a fortune by starting his own BPO in India.
  • Make money. Example: I love my job, though I don’t make much money.


  • Make a mistake. Example: She feels that she has made a mistake by accepting a big assignment.
  • Make a complaint. Example: I wanted to make a complaint against them, but everyone stopped me.
  • Make friends. Example: It’s hard to make friends when you are shy.
  • Make fun of someone. Example: They always make fun of her looks & personality.
  • Make a joke of. Example: He made a joke of his life.
  • Make up. Example: We fight a lot with each other, but always make up at the end.
  • Make a promise. Example: He made a promise to himself that he would never look back in his life.
  • Make a phone call. Example: I made him a call to talk, but could not utter a word.
  • Make a speech. Example: She made a speech on motivation to encourage her employees.
  • Make a confession. Example: She never made a confession that she committed the crime.
  • Make a prediction. Example: The astrologer made a prediction that she would become a successful person in life after her 40’s.
  • Make an excuse. Example: Lazy people keep making excuses for not giving the results.
  • Make an observation. Example: Psychologists made an observation about her behavior & needs and gave her suggestions after a few sessions.
  • Make a comment. Example: He makes sarcastic comments on whatever she says.
  • Make a difference. Example: His help made a difference in my life.
  • Make a point. Example: Manisha made a lot of good points in her presentation.
  • Make an exception. Example: Despite her hectic schedule, she made an exception for her needy friend to talk to her anytime.
  • Make sure. Example: Make sure that you will be able to achieve your goal or else everyone will make fun of your ability.
  • Make up your point. Example: I am unable to make up my mind right now, I don’t know if talking to my partner would help or ignoring him.
  • Make a discovery. Example: During meditation, a lot of people discover their hidden potential.
  • Make a list. Example: Everyone should make a list of things they wish to do before they die.
  • Make way. Example: Make way to achieve your goals.


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