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Here are some Common Expressions with COME & GO 🙂

come and go

Expressions with COME

  1. Come clean about – be completely honest. Example: You must come clean about your financial position with me, if you wish to marry me.
  2. Come close – almost achieve or do. Example: I felt as if I came so close to enlightenment during my meditation, but suddenly the door-bell rang and I lost the momentum.
  3. Come early – ahead of schedule. Example: Though your interview is scheduled at 2:00 pm, but try to come early as you may get time to relax and feel comfortable.
  4. Come first/ last – most important/least important. Example: My job is very important for me, but my family always comes first.
  5. Come on time – to be on expected time. Example: Please come on time if you don’t want to miss any wedding ceremony.
  6. Come prepared – prepare in advance for something. Example: Tomorrow is your test so do come prepared.
  7. Come to a conclusion – to decide something after consideration. Example: After talking to you I have come to a conclusion that people around you are hypocrite, mean & cruel so be careful while dealing with them.
  8. Come to an agreement – resolve. Example: After fighting with each other in the court for 7 years they came to an agreement with each other.
  9. Come to an end – finish. Example: She went into depression as her relationship with her family came to an end.
  10. Come to life – regain consciousness. Example: After much love and care given by her loved ones she came back to life.
  11. Come up with – produce something. Example: After pondering over the matter for a few days, I have come up with a lot of innovative ideas.
  12. Come to a standstill – to stop completely. Example: Due to stress, sometimes life comes to a standstill so it’s better to leave all the worries behind and keep moving.


Part 2 -Some Common Expressions with COME & GO 🙂

Expressions with GO

  1. Go abroad – travel/go to a foreign country. Example: I don’t like many things about my country so I want to go abroad.
  2. Go astray – to deviate from what is good. Example: He was keeping the coming of spoilt persons and thus has gone astray.
  3. Go bankrupt – to be unable to pay one’s debts. Example: Many businessmen go absconding when they go bankrupt.
  4. Go blind – to become unable to see. Example: They met with an accident and she went blind.
  5. Go crazy – to become mentally ill. Example: After severe harassment by her in-laws, she went crazy and had to be hospitalized.
  6. Go missing – to become lost or absent. Example: Many soldiers went missing in the war.
  7. Go on foot – to walk and not using any conveyance. Example: My yoga classes centre is very near to my home so I go on foot every day.
  8. Go quiet – not to make noise, stop speaking. Example: She goes quiet in front of her teachers.
  9. Go to hell – to express angry rejection of someone or something. Example: At the time of his resignation he abused his manager and asked him to go to hell.
  10. Go for a hike – expect more salary. Example: Since he has work experience of 2 years he now wants to go for a hike.

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