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Some Useful English as…as Expressions :

  • as angry as a bull: to be very angry. Example: After seeing the report card of his son, he got as angry as a bull.


  • as bitter as gall: very pungent/acrid/sarcastic. Example: After severe rejections and exploitation, her nature has become as bitter as gall.


  • as black as coal: very dark. Example: People used to tell him that his complexion is as black as coal, but see his destiny he is a famous model now.


  • as blind as a bat/as an owl: vision-less/unsighted. Example: No matter what information you give him about the frauds made by his favourite employee, his mind is as blind as a bat and he doesn’t understand anything.


  • as bold as brass: without the respect/politeness people generally show. Example: He entered into the cabin of his boss as bold as brass and started yelling at him.


  • as brave as a lion: extremely brave/doesn’t show fear in difficult situations. Example: She is as brave as a lioness, despite being alone she showed so much of courage standing against the wrong.


  • as bright as the sun: shining/full of light. Example: Sometimes your words for my heart are as bright as the sun.


  • as busy as a bee: very busy. Example: Don’t interrupt him right now, he is as busy as a bee.


  • as calm as a sea: still/without agitation/not disturbed. Example: Please share all the issues with your father when he is as calm as a sea.


  • as cheap as dirt: inexpensive. Example: Up to 60% discount is going on in most of the malls in Delhi so almost everything is as cheap as dirt.


  • as clean as a whistle: neat & tidy in appearance/not involved in illegal or questionable activities. Example: You need to keep the restaurant as clean as a whistle all the time. (b) Though Mr. Jeet is involved in many conspiracies, but his image is as clean as a whistle


  • as clear as day: visible and/or understandable. Example: Despite knowing all the facts and figures, future plans are still not as clear as day.


  • as clear as mud: difficult to see or understand/unclear. Example: I am unable to understand what you have written, your hand-writing is as clear as mud.


  • as clumsy as a beer: bulky/blundering. Example: No attire suits her as she is as clumsy as a beer.


  • as cold as marble: lifeless/unfeeling. Example: Setbacks and failures should never be taken to heart and mind or one may become as cold as marble.


  • as cold as ice: very cold. Example: You must wear something woollen, your hands are as cold as ice.


  • as cool as a cucumber: calm and composed. Example: She never gets upsets with the ups and downs of life. She is always as cool as a cucumber.


  • as cunning as a fox: extremely cunning. Example: You need to be as cunning as a fox to beat Rajni, Ruby, Shalu or Ritu.


  • as dark as night: totally dark. Example: Please switch on some light. This room is as dark as night.


  • as deaf as a post: very bad/impaired hearing. Example: We all were talking and laughing, but my grandmother didn’t react as she is as deaf as a post.


  • as drunk as a lord: extremely drunk. Example: Yesterday Naman’s friends dropped him at home as he was as drunk as a lord.


  • as dry as dust: extremely dry. Example: After my morning walk my throat gets as dry as dust.


  • as easy as anything: very clear/quick. Example: This test is as easy as anything and you can easily score A.


  • as fast as a deer: very fast. Example: He will surely win the race. He runs as fast as a deer.


  • as fat as a pig: very fat. Example: Start wearing dark colours as you look as fat as a pig in light colours.


  • as feeble as a child: very weak or delicate. Example: Whenever she doesn’t get attention from her family, she feels as feeble as a child.


  • As gentle as a dove: very tender nature. Example: Don’t fight in front of your daughter; her heart is as gentle as a dove.


  • as graceful as a swan: very elegant. Example: Whatever she wears, she looks as graceful as a swan.


  • As happy as a king: extremely happy. Example: After getting promotion I am as happy as a king.


  • As heavy as an elephant: very heavy. Example: It is not possible for one person to carry this alone as it is as heavy as an elephant.


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