What Is The Difference Between See, Watch & Look | Important Examples | WABS TALK

Have you ever wondered, what is the difference between See, Watch and look. All three are the verb ( parts of speech). But, these can be used differently in a sentence.Let’s understand them with examples.

To look at something without thinking about it; not for purpose.

Example: When I opened the door,I could see a dog at my doorstep.

Example: Can you see a rainbow in the sky?

Example: I did not see the red car outside.

to make an effort to see something or with an intent, generally used with ‘at’.

Example: I did not look at my friend by then.

Example: Look at that car, I want the same colour.

Look at the blackboard, the teacher said to the student.

to see something for a longer period of time.

Example: Do watch my English monologue video on You Tube channel of Wabs Talk.

Example: Have you watched that movie yesterday?

Example: I am going to watch the match at the stadium today.

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