How to crack a GD | Tips to excel in a Group Discussion


Group Discussion is a new trend in the current evaluation scenario. It is now a very important procedure of selecting someone for any kind of corporate jobs. Almost all the big companies and even many of the colleges and universities have made necessary to clear this Group Discussion round to secure a place in those organisations.
It is a kind of many-on-many discussion. It is held to identify some very important and certain traits that all the companies and other organisations like MBA colleges want to their employees or students to possess.
Though there are many things the evaluator will look for, we are going to discuss the main three of them.

Knowledge about the Topic
To excel in any GD, you strongly need the knowledge of the topic. You can never overlook the importance of knowledge. If you are speaking in any GD but your statements doesn’t have any substantial value, will hardly create any impression, neither will it hold any meaning.
To create a strong impression in a GD, you will have to become a voracious reader. Simply read Newspapers and magazines to increase your knowledge. Watching TV and going through several News portals will also help.

Your Alertness
During Group Discussion, you must listen to others very carefully. Not only is it important to put forward your thought, but also to continue the discussion using others’ thoughts. You may be required to give examples or supportive statements for others’ thoughts.
While in a GD, it is always a good practice to sit with an alert mind and keep writing the relevant points put forward by others. You may use to make a very good discussion when you get your turn. It will show your strong indulgence in GD.

Communication skills
You undoubtedly need to be a very good communicator to let your points have its impacts upto its fullest. Because no matter how many good points you put across but if you can’t communicate them properly, you will hardly stand a chance to impress the evaluators. Effective communication is one of the most important keys to success in GD.

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