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Common Word Combinations :

word combinations

  1. Back and forth – to move in one direction and then in the opposite direction. Example: Sometimes I feel that my life shuttles back and forth between present and past.
  2. Black and white – in extremes. Example: Some people always see things in black and white.
  3. Body and soul – to use every part of you, including your mind and emotions. Example: I use my body and soul to get the desired outcome in every endeavor I undertake.
  4. Bread and butter – income. Example: Now-a-days one has to work effectively and efficiently to have/earn bread and butter.
  5. Bride and groom – The bride and groom will go to Australia for their honeymoon.
  6. By and large – mostly but not completely. Example: By and large she knows what all she wants from her life.
  7. Cause and effect – We must make a cause and effect diagram of our strengths and weaknesses to work on our improvement areas.
  8. Crime and punishment – Though crime and punishment go parallely, but still some criminals move freely in the world because of their power and good image.
  9. Cup and saucer – I offer tea to my guests in the best cup and saucer.
  10. Dead or alive – Police wanted the criminal dead or alive.
  11. Down and out – lacking funds or prospects. Example: She was feeling down and out after being cheated by her in-laws in the case.
  12. First and last – overall. Example: My first and last request to you is to be disciplined in life, if you wish to achieve anything at all.
  13. Fish and chips – He generally orders fish and chips on weekends.
  14. Forgive and forget – The best and the only way to move on in life is to forgive and forget.
  15. Give and take – After getting a lot of setbacks and shocks in life, she has started believing that everything on this planet is based on give and take.
  16. High and low – everywhere. Example: I have searched high and low for all the important documents, but could not find them anywhere.
  17. Husband and wife –a married couple. Example: They were husband and wife for 5 years, but she ruined their lives.
  18. Ladies and gentleman – Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, today we will have a brain-storming session on Life Management
  19. Law and order – We must maintain law and order in our society or else criminals will not get afraid of anything and will keep continuing doing wrong.
  20. Life and/or death – very serious. Example: We need to understand her and help her; it’s a matter of life and death for her.
  21. Lost and found – Positive attitude can be lost and found.
  22. Null and void – not legally valid. Example: Since there is no proof against them of conspiring against their neighbor, the case may result to be null and void.
  23. Profit and loss – Relationships are based on emotions and not on profit and loss account.
  24. Pros and cons – advantages and disadvantages. Example: Please consider all the pros and cons of setting up this business before applying for any loan.
  25. Pure and simple – with nothing other than what has been mentioned. Example: In pure and simple words, it’s terrible to be with the hypocrite and sadist people.
  26. Right and/or wrong – Ambitious people want everything at any cost, there is no right or wrong for them.
  27. Rise and fall – In any business, the earnings may rise and fall from time to time.
  28. Supply and demand – In business we have to keep changing our strategies according to demand and supply.
  29. Thick and thin – under all circumstances. Example: Some people stand by their friends through thick and thin.
  30. Trial and error – try different methods or techniques. Example: Some great inventions were done through trial and error.

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