Some Common Phrases with COME | Spoken English

Here are Some Phrases with COME :

  • Come about – happen. Example: No one knows how the accident came about as it was a secluded place.
  • Come across – find unexpectedly. Example: I came across his realty when I got some information from a detective.
  • Come alive – to be lively and get excited. Example: After hearing that my work has been liked by my peers, I came alive.
  • Come along – to accompany someone. Example: Would you like to come along with me for a movie?
  • Come around – when you agree to some idea. Example: She will surely come around your planning about the future.
  • Come at – to approach in a threatening/attacking way. Example: She told me that they had come at her with anger in the eyes and hockey sticks in hands.
  • Come by – to find something. Example: I came by my old photographs by chance while I was searching for some bed-sheets.
  • Come back – to be in fashion again. Example: Bell sleeves have made a comeback in the women’s wardrobe.
  • Come clean – to tell the truth. Example: He has come clean about what he did in the past with his neighbours.
  • Come close – move towards someone/something. Example: He came close to me and jumped into my lap.
  • Come down to – the most important factor involved. Example: The research has come down to this that, no matter what the price of your product is, if the consumer likes it then he will buy it.
  • Come forth – make an appearance. Example: The veteran actress came forth in an interview after a long time.
  • Come forward – make oneself visible. Example: Though it was a heinous crime to kill five members of a family, no one has come forward as yet to be a witness.
  • Come from – derive from. Example: Ideas may come from various sources, but applying them is up to you.
  • Come in for – become eligible to have. Example: Her goodness comes in for respect and admiration.
  • Come on – start functioning or operating. Example: Come on, come on, turn the radio on, it’s Friday night and I won’t be long.(SIA).
  • Come off – detach/ break off (a piece from a whole). Example: If you keep pulling the door like this, I will come off.
  • Come up – occur. Example: After all the investigation, it has come up that seven families were involved in the conspiracy and murder.

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